15 New Activities to Add to Your Bucket List

Miranda Butler ‘22

One special part of being a student at South Carolina is the USC Bucket List. The bucket list, given to each student at the beginning of their freshman year, is a culmination of 100 different activities that each student should try to accomplish before they graduate. From playing frisbee on the horseshoe to tubing down the Congaree River, every activity is bound to lead to a great college experience. While there are plenty of great things to do on the list, here are 15 more you can add to your own college memories.

1. Browse through the Richland County Library

Though it might not sound like the most exciting place to go, the Richland County Library has a plethora of resources and activities. From books, movies and music downloads, the library is a great place for both studying and relaxing.

2. Chill on a float in the outdoor pool at Strom

On warm, sunny days, the outdoor pool at Strom is a must for anyone looking to relax. There are plenty of great floats to lounge in and the water is perfect for cooling off on a hot Columbia day.

3. Get a coffee from the underground Starbucks at the Sheraton Hotel

If you’re looking for a cool place to study but also want your beloved Pink Drink, head downstairs to this Starbucks.

4. Attend a Fireflies or Blowfish baseball game

Growing up with a brother who played baseball, it’s great having two local teams, along with the Gamecocks, to cheer for. An added plus, Tim Tebow played for the Fireflies for a bit of time *cue fangirl screams*.

5. Participate in service activities at the Big Event

The Big Event is a day of service to give back to the city of Columbia. Hundreds of students come together to help locals with anything they need. I participated in this year’s event with two friends, and I have to say it was a great experience. Additionally, the day ends with a celebration with food and live music.

6. Find a favorite treat at the Mast General Store

If you’ve never been to a Mast General Store, you are in for a treat. The first time I went to Mast, I got to pet a lot of dogs and met a family with a pet monkey. They have many unique products, like hard-to-find candies and outdoor gear, and it’s a perfect place to get gifts for family and friends.

7. Attend the Vista tree lighting

The Vista Lights tree lighting is a great way to celebrate the holidays before the end of fall semester. With live performances and over 60 shops and restaurants, there are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit. The event is hosted on the Thursday before Thanksgiving each year, and an added plus, parking is free!

8. Browse through vendors at the Crafty Feast Festival

Personally, I am obsessed with craft fairs. They are kind of a tradition for my mom and I, and they’re a perfect place to get holiday gifts for friends and family. A special twist of this craft fair is that all the vendors are local indie artists and small businesses, so you know all of your purchases will be one-of-a-kind.

9. Grab your friends for a Columbia scavenger hunt with Operation City Quest

This is something I have wanted to do since I first heard of it. For $20 a person, you and your friends as a team go around and try to find different items in Columbia. You send a picture of the items to your guide, and you get points for each one you find. At the end, whichever team collects the most points wins.

10. Make a furry friend on the Horseshoe

One of the best things about the Horseshoe as that there are so. many. puppies. My favorite memory there is when a dog tried to steal my bagel while I was doing homework. This will definitely be the cutest bucket list item.

11. Get a Bagel from Einstein’s and relax on the J-School’s rooftop balcony

Speaking of bagels, Einstein’s is probably my go-to for almost every meal. The rooftop balcony of the journalism school (affectionately referred to as the J-School) is beautiful and a great place to get some relaxing and study time in during the day.

12. Have dessert for dinner at Kaminsky’s Dessert Café

Something you have to do before you graduate is to go to Kaminsky’s. Their cakes, pies and desserts are unique and always delicious. Whether you want a fancy night out or a casual treat, Kaminsky’s is a great place to grab a bite.

13. Lay out at the beach at Lake Murray Public Park

This park is a bit of a drive; however, if you really want to go to the beach without heading to Charleston, this is your place to go. Along with hanging out on the shoreline, you can also go canoeing and boating.

14. Watch all the movies at the Russell House Theater for a month

Watching movies at Russell is an activity that I love taking advantage of. The movies are all really new and it’s a great thing to do on a Friday night with your friends. They usually play two different movies every weekend, so in a month you could watch eight great movies for free.

15. Share a massive cinnamon roll at the Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli

Personally, I’m not a huge cinnamon roll person; however, those at Cinnamon Roll Deli on Devine Street are absolutely delicious. While you get a mini cinnamon roll with every meal, getting a large and specialty flavor one to share with friends is a great weekend brunch option.




Our students share about the many experiences — activities, food, places, you name it — that make the University of South Carolina a special place.

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