Training Course “Your Body is Your Statement!” in Poland

Call for 2 participants from Macedonia

Dates: 12.09.2016–21.09.2016 in Uniejów, Poland

“Your Body is Your Statement” is an 8 days training course gathering 30 youth workers, facilitators, trainers and educators from various European countries in Poland with the aim to explore new learning methodologies based on working with body and movement, while experiencing how embodied learning approaches and methods can be used in different realities within youth work and non-formal education.

The training course will take place from 12th to 21st September 2016 in Uniejów, Poland and will involve 30 participants.

With this course we would like to contribute to improving youth workers and educators’ authentic leadership skills and abilities to make better connections with participants of their activities, with their colleagues and communities as well as to the improvement of professional competences of the youth workers and educators

Participants’ profile

It is important that participants are willing to work towards positive transformation of the world, either as a part of the organization or in their local community and willing to actively take part in the activities proposed in the project schedule.


It is essential that as a participant you are able to commit to pre-course preparation and complete 10 day mindfulness challenge that will include meditation and movement techniques, as well as spend some time to read articles and videos that will be provided one month before the training course.

We also encourage you to try different body — oriented classes to already gainsome experience on how it feels to be moving in different ways and how does your current embodiment affects your way of being and perceiving the world


The training course will take place in Wytwórnia Ciszy in Uniejów. It is located in the quiet place, close to the river and forest. Please, note that there are no shops around, thus bring extras what you might need with you.

Vegetarian meals will be offered three times per day and coffee breaks between sessions.

The address of the venue: Brzozówka 30, 99–210 Uniejów

Financial conditions

Project is implemented with the support of Erasmus+ programme of the EU, so accommodation, food and activities costs will be covered from the project budget.

Travel and travel insurance costs will be reimbursed via bank transfer, on the condition that you have:

* used cheapest means of transportation

* submitted original invoices, tickets and boarding passes

* participated fully in all the activities of the training course

* contributed to promotion of the project

* implemented follow-up activities of the project

In order to receive reimbursement you will need to prepare a onepage report after the course documenting your contributions to the project.

The budget for travel costs and insurance is 275EUR per participant from Macedonia.

  • Dates: 12.09.2016–21.09.2016 in Uniejów, Poland
  • Number of participants from Macedonia: 2 (age 18+)
  • Travel cost will be reimbursed up to 275€ per participant.

PARTICIPATION FEE: 1200 DEN (taken by sending organization SWTA Macedonia)



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