Why You Should Stop Saying Thanks and Start Acknowledging

It might feel a bit awkward at first, but give it a try

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5 min readSep 27, 2019

There have been a few podcasts that have had a profound effect on me;

I listen to the Learning Leader Show to gain insights from thought leaders and significant figures from around the world. It drives into that part of my brain that absorbs this type of information.

I listen to The Moth to understand what it is that makes a compelling story, and to refine my understanding of the power of the spoken word. I am also amazed at peoples ability to carry someone to a different place and time. This show is captivating at times, confronting at others. We listen to it as a family on some road trips (there is some adult language and concepts, so not for everyone).

And, I listen to the School of Greatness Podcast to get better at asking questions, understanding people, and pertinent to this article, understanding how to sincerely acknowledge someone.

Lewis Howes’ Acknowledgements

Lewis has a fantastic Podcast and a massive following, he has branched into other mediums and had success as well.

I love Lewis’ ability to ask interesting questions and understand people at a much deeper level, he has powerful second questions. Lewis is passionate about people being the best versions of themselves, and surrounds himself with people of a similar mindset.

However, one constant in his Podcast is how he closes the interviews. He deliberately, authentically and uniquely acknowledges each of his guests.

Acknowledge you say?

Isn’t that something that just happens in an awards ceremony acceptance speech?

Oh…. Wow… Such a shock. I want to start by acknowledging my parents, my high school teacher, my best friend, my beautiful cat Sasha, ….”



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