Sum&Substance and Tokenaire — Setting the Precedence for Tokenizing People

In order to ensure highest quality identity verification for the personal tokenization and ruling out fraud or identity theft, Sum&Substance and Tokenaire formed and official partnership.

The Tokenaire project centers around putting people on the blockchain by giving them their own token. Let’s say a celebrity wants to be tokenized, these tokens can take on an characteristic of becoming digital collectibles, ones that fans and followers can trade on Tokenaire’s Marketplace. For this reason it is of utmost importance to ensure the tokenized person is actually who he/she claims to be.

“Sum&Substance’s solution is the technologically most advanced identity verification platform currently available. On top of that identity verification is fast, secure, and GDPR compliant. For these reasons we chose Sum&Substance and we are very happy we were able to form an official partnership with them”, said Tokenaire CEO Reinhard Zach.

Based on AI / machine learning algorithms, Sum&Substance’s ​solution ​automates identity verification and ensures fast onboarding, as well as KYC/AML compliance, and personal data security including GDPR compliance. Sum&Substance’s technology is already helping online services like ICObench, Group, Gett, The Token Fund, Cryptopay, Blue Whale, Coin MD and other companies across the globe.

In order to comply with regulators, Tokenaire will also use Sum&Substance’s identity verification for their Token Sale (ICO). “Over the last few months, there has been increasing regulatory pressure on blockchain projects” explains Sum&Substance CEO, Andrey Severyukhin. “However, because the vast majority of ICOs are conducted online, it’s important to bring all operations, including KYC, into the digital space while complying with all regulatory demands. In doing so, we also offer crowdsale projects the fastest integration, instant out of the box user support, and, what has turned out to be especially important for crowdsale projects, a verification system that raises conversion. Thanks to all elements of the solution, our clients receive a simple but exact and fast instrument for managing compliance processes.”

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