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Since the inception of human and it’s technological evolvement, the blockchain sector has never experienced a stormy wave, as it has seen in this era. An era filled with of opportunities and risks, an era of competition between traditional order and new technology of blockchain. Blockchain technology can bring unprecedented convenience and revolution to the society, but if used improperly, the blockchain will also disrupt the current financial order. Different countries and regions implement different policies on the blockchain, and the entire blockchain industry Survive in the cracks.

As a project deeply cultivating the blockchain field, SumSwap has always adhered to the policy of being guided by the community and the market. Although the entire cryptocurrency industry is currently in a downturn, with people’s continuous cognition of blockchain technology, It is bound to subvert tradition and bring earth-shaking changes to human life.

In the recent period, the entire market has also had some influence on SumSwap itself, and SumSwap’s personnel in the market and technology have also made certain adjustments. The adjustment is for better development. In the process of personnel adjustment, the SumSwap community has also made some changes to the strategy. In addition to DeFi, SumSwap will also enter the NFT and metaverse related directions.

Of course, in any case, SumSwap’s core business is still the DeFi field. Only when the DeFi foundation is solid can the project go higher in other directions. The best way to gain a firm foothold in the DeFi field is to continuously optimize the user experience. As long as the experience reaches the extreme, there will be more and more users.

Looking back on 2020 to the present, after Uniswap became popular, various imitation projects emerged one after another. Although these projects have largely taken away Uniswap’s traffic, as time progresses, those imitation projects have gradually disappeared. Going into decline, but Uniswap’s traffic has jumped to 80% of the entire Ethereum DEX. The reason why Uniswap can always last forever is inseparable from the continuous deepening of the team in one direction of DeFi, and the continuous optimization of the project itself.

SumSwap deeply recognizes this, so SumSwap’s primary goal is to continuously optimize the experience, the project will collect user feedback from time to time, and at the same time refer to Xindi projects to innovate, so that the project can be in terms of transaction fluency or liquidity pool slippage , mining and other aspects to make qualitative improvements.

In addition, since SumSwap V3 is currently deployed on Arbtirum, the second layer of Ethereum, there is still a big gap between the current Arbtirum network and the main network users. However, with the continuous improvement of Arbtirum network technology, the funds accumulated in the network are also increasing. The more, which will promote the continuous growth of SumSwap V3 to a certain extent, and there will be more digital assets that can be directly deposited into Arbitrum in the future.

Frozen three feet is not a day’s cold, a good project does not grow in a day or two, BTC has gone through nearly 15 years from worthless to now, and the success of no project is flat. All members of the SumSwap community will continue to work hard to build the product to the extreme, so that the project can gain a firm foothold in the DeFi field. In addition, when the popularity of the project is further expanded, the project will also enter the NFT and Web3 fields.




Mathematical innovative decentralized protocol, using mathematical algorithms to optimize and integrate DeFi to create a one-stop decentralized protocol platform

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