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Sumswap Weekly:


According to the actual feedback from the community, in order to optimize and improve operational efficiency, the SumSwap community decided to change the previous single-weekly report to a bi-weekly report. If users have any operational opinions or suggestions, please feel free to give feedback.

The past two weeks have been an unforgettable two weeks for the entire industry. On the one hand, the global policy attitude towards cryptocurrencies has changed; on the other hand, the entire cryptocurrency market has insufficient confidence and weak rise. Every industry has its periodicity. Especially for the fast-paced blockchain industry, one year or even six months is a cycle. At present, it is obvious that the entire industry is in a period of weak incremental growth.

But for projects guided by technology applications like SumSwap, no matter the bull or bear, the project will always do its job well. At the same time, as a global project, SumSwap always insists on respecting the laws and regulations of each country. Especially recently, when many countries around the world are severely cracking down on cryptocurrencies, SumSwap has decided not to provide virtual currency exchange services for relevant countries and regions, but only provide blockchain technology-related services for them.

Recent work (09.20–10.01)

On the market:

1. Continue to focus on the public beta of SumSwap V3. At present, there are hundreds of participants in the public beta, and users feed back the public beta information every day. Most users are very satisfied with the features of SumSwap V3 and look forward to the launch of SumSwap V3.

2. Launched the contract exchange token DYDX created by the Ethereum Layer 2 network. DYDX is an excellent Ethereum Layer 2 network project with a fairly good market performance recently.

3. According to the global cryptocurrency policy environment, change the market strategy and insist on maintaining the laws and regulations of various countries and regions around the world.

Work plan for the next period:

1. Continue to conduct SumSwap V3 public testing and related work.

2. Assist technology in the production of SumSwap V3 Ethereum Layer 2 related materials.

3. Regarding AMA and its large-scale publicity activities, it is necessary to wait until the policy is clear to adjust.

Technical aspects:

1. SumSwap V3 version contract code has been released to the open source community, including github and npmjs websites.

2. SumSwap V3 has obtained the Arbtrum whitelist, and the SUM token mapping has been completed on the Arbtrum network.

3. SumSwap V3 has completed the new version of the DOC function and is currently being tested.

The main work content of the next issue:

1. Continuously monitor open beta data and collect feedback on open beta issues.

2. SumSwap V3 fully functional test on Arbtrum network.

3. Prepare a feasible deployment plan for the Arbtrum network generation environment.

Blockchain is an industry that changes rapidly and is full of opportunities and challenges. In this industry, the sun is still shining today, and there is no cloud at all. Tomorrow there may be dark clouds and continuous rain. As a practitioner of blockchain, we should always understand that, as an emerging industry, we should be ready at any time to bravely meet the future. The bubble will eventually burst, but technology-led entities will definitely make a difference.




Mathematical innovative decentralized protocol, using mathematical algorithms to optimize and integrate DeFi to create a one-stop decentralized protocol platform

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