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Volz Takes Us Through The Life Cycle of Romance — Without Genre Boundaries

Despite a tense Fall in North Carolina, independent artist Volz brightened the air waves with a dizzying sonic cruise through the emotional life cycle of modern romance. Although the moniker Volz and the category-evading pattern of his discography lends some mystery, the artist was approachable and easy to talk to in an interview.

Look Boo, The Stars are Out!

“I’m elated that each listener is receiving something different from the album, and I noticed
among everyone’s listening experience, it’s common for this project to create vivid images and deep thought,” says Volz, who produced, wrote and engineered Look Boo, The Stars Are Out in addition to recording as the primary artist.

Look Boo, The Stars Are Out was certainly inspired by a real experience. I was
in a real life relationship for about four years. I began writing most of the songs while her and I were still together, but they were all just ideas at that time. After the relationship ended, I continued working on the songs I had, and then produced a few more. I soon realized that
together these songs are expressly telling my story, and that’s how the concept for Look, Boo The Stars Are Out was naturally born.”

Jazz, 8-bit, lo-fi indie pop, deep house, 90s nostalgia inspired hip-hop and more genres chase and swirl into each other throughout Look Boo. “Genre bending is definitely becoming a trademark of mine!” says Volz. “I get inquiries for beat production often but don’t sell my beats, because it feels like I’m creating such a personal sound. So as of right now, only those musicians I’m personal with are privy to my production.”

Me & U, a collaborative track from Look Boo, the Stars Are Out

“Now with that being said, YES it has been TOUGH try to find the right community to share my music with. Going through platforms like Submithub where genre is a huge factor when trying to be recognized… Almost all bloggers, and curators enjoy the music, but I’ve been receiving
feedback like:

‘Hey Volz, really nice song — enjoying the dreamy genre bending track and smooth vocal processing here. However, this track doesn’t quite fit the vibe of our playlists. Keep writing — you have a great sound :)’

‘Hi Volz, good beats sound big. The spacey vocal is catchy. Unfortunately the style doesn’t fit with what we are currently sharing. Thanks for sending.’

‘Whoa, what an incredible track. I love the combination of so many different genres and sounds. The Hip-Hop vocals sound really well done and the instrumental is decently produced and mixed. The Jazz elements are amazing as well and overall the upbeat, catchy feeling to the song is great, puts you in
a good mood 100%. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like my playlists is a good way to promote your song as I don’t have a fitting audience for the style. Sorry about that Volz, but thanks a lot for the great experience.’

“This has surely complicated the promotion process, but luckily I have been fortunate enough to have tapped in with a few curators and blog writers like yourself, that are willing to give my project a platform to be explained and recognized on.”

While there are some obstacles to gaining an audience with a sound too elusive to categorize, pioneering artists are rare gems in the music world. The path to such a distinctive signature sound is a long one, according to Volz. “I started seriously making music in 2013 when I began dedicating most nights to writing and recording music in my room to release as on my first mixtape titled Celebrate… I wasn’t producing, engineering, or singing yet so I saw myself as a rapper first, not a sound shaping, genre bending artist.

“Creating more free and new sounds became more intentional when I began producing, which gave me more control of my sonic and aesthetic as a whole,” he says of his process. Volz also wouldn’t be the artist he is without his many influences, shining through in the little details of Look Boo and his prior discography.

“My list of major influences is long, each of them are always shining through my music, which inevitably makes up my genre bending vibe! Pharell, Q-tip, Quincy Jones, Kid Cudi, Dave Grohl, Nas, Paramore, Burna Boy, The 1975, Timbaland, Alicia Keys, Micheal Jackson, Kanye, Linkin Park and so many more!”


Since the abrupt halt in the majority of live music performances this year, Volz has been digging into the extra time to find creative solutions. “Since most of the country came to a complete stop, the pandemic actually showered me with time to be creative and work on Look Boo, The Stars Are Out. Not only did I work on that, but I got a chance to produce and engineer projects for artist OG Spliff, Chezxo, PhazeGod, & Flower In Bloom.”

For fans interested in supporting Volz or any of their favorite independent artists, Volz shared a parting tip. “The common challenges musicians are facing during this pandemic is certainly loss of gigs and other performance opportunities, which lessens the amount of people we reach. Without performing we have to rely on streams and interactions with fans via social media. So my suggestion to fans and supporters would be to please stream and share all your favorite rising artists as much as you can!”



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