Sun, Shine In My Eyes: Loving Creativity & The Quest for Visibility || Day 1: “No ‘One Right Way.’”

Day 1: No ‘One Right Way.’

“Not every writer wants to be famous….Some writers just want to get noticed — and feel helpful. Write from A Full Cup.” — Alexandra Franzen

“You can’t be what you were/So you better start being/just what you are/You can’t be what you were/The time is now” — #np: Bad Mouth, “Fugazi.”

In the spirit of Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramović, and countless others who’ve done it better — but not like me (thank goodness I’m the only me!)

— I’m embarking today on a quest to individuate as a “working artist.” This definition will continue to unfold to you, me, us, as days progress. I mention those artists, prior, because they are quite revelatory in terms of baking in their lives via expression with every single detail and factoid. I don’t know that I will be so “blood and guts” and detailed about it. I’m on a magical realism voyage, it seems.

I was on this private quest for public humiliation. I’d called it transparency regarding public embarrassments…as a way to free up. The idea was earnest, but it’s rather kitsch and somewhat silly! Transparency? Yes. Humiliation and trip-ups? No…these are iterations and experiments.

There is no “one right way:” we walk this world alone, in essence. You reflect my inner world and we engage..but each one is born and dies on an indescribable…amazing…path, alone. It simply must be lived…and hopefully loved, and we share it in a way via which it is rendered…but how we can we truly know the makings of another’s he(art)? Art sure helps. Art helps, indeed.

There is no “one right way” to share what is in one’s soul. No “one right way” to be creative. No “one right way” to live. Philosophies and beliefs…those are other stories for other days, and for the pundits. I’m talking about art, and I’m talking about heart — heart and soul.

My goal here is to share more opportunities to create, to encourage others to create, and to unfold and love…live…and share how creativity informs and revivifies our lives. Medium’s a great platform for this. It encourages drafts and interactive engagement. Should I not experience this, I am expert at keeping myself amused.

Let’s go!

P.S.: This.

And you? What are you up to, today? I am open to your thoughts. Please feel free to connect with me.

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