Sun, Shine In My Eyes: Loving Creativity & The Quest for Visibility || Day 4|| Tell Your Story, Walking.

And Never Mind those Who Mind…

Pull the Reiki/through my soul/No more Chi on cruise control

You gotta point that laser beam/to the right thing, at the right time

You want your heart to be more than just alive/You, My Dear, have arrived

You Wanna point that Reiki at the sun/It’s gonna take reflections one-by one

No more Chi on cruise control/You wanna take that heart and make it whole

So softly/and never mind those who mind — So softly/and never mind those who mind.

Point that Reiki/at the moon — No more Chi that dissipates so soon

You gotta tell that story walking and talking/And never mind those who mind

So softly/and never mind those who mind — so sweetly/and never mind those who mind.

Above, you will find song lyrics for this tune, “Story Walking,” which Jianda will release as a single on or before September 13, 2015.

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For the last little while, Jianda’s been creating anywhere from 1–5 song, prose and spoken word ideas…per day! She will be sharing some of these releases throughout this blogging journey. She’s open to networking, creative coaching and project opportunities, and contract/freelance opportunities@LinkedIn.

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