Sun, Shine In My Eyes: Loving Creativity & The Quest for Visibility || Day 5|| On Thievery. (Thievery In/corporation)

#np: The Richest Man In Babylon, Thievery Corporation

“Nobody here remembers freedom/The richest man in Babylon”

- Thievery Corporation

As an artist with long, broad strokes of history both coaching/promoting other artists and being a creator myself, I have lived through and enjoyed varied realms of experience, positive and less than ideal, in terms of liaising in the commercial aspects of creativity. Art and commerce play together well. This has more to do with intentionality of those involved — and business structure or lack thereof — than anything else. You can do a punk rock handshake and make it work — make it successful — or have all your due diligence taken care of in terms of paperwork, only to have all hopes and legitimacy dashed in a heartbeat.

It all has to do with integrity, truly win-win/compassionate business practices, and intentionality. This is rare to truly grok/master, and maintain in any industry. And the entertainment industry can be so volatile and litigious…this is how people’s hopes are dashed. It does not have to be this way. I talk about it just a tad bit here, and in the other mini-podcast links below.

I’ve been a better advisor regarding agency/empowerment for other artists and their work, as opposed to a good self-steward in terms of creativity. We do — and we are — what we learn or have never been taught. Blind spots are common (cobblers who have no shoes, etc.). We can heal those. I aim to heal mine and it does not invalidate all the good work I have done for others (see here?).

A little-known (inconsequential) factoid, for all those who see me as a heavily “posty” person at this time, is that I’ve taken a social media hiatus or two in my days…there are many people who recommend doing this, or who have boycotted social media for various reasons from spiritual to professional…to gaining peace of mind —

I dismantled or abandoned most social media accounts — except for work purposes under another business name — for well over a year, and I did this at least twice. My plan was to get offline, if not off-grid, and retire in the country, and create for creating’s sake (still doing that latter bit).

As you can see, I have returned. Reason/s being: is it’s pretty much
industry standard to promote yourself/live/do business/create via social media/media. Others have a vested interest in pushing us all toward this modality (I’ll leave it to better pundits/writers to delineate how that unfolds).

Too, social media is “relatively free…”but of course you pay for it with your time, your attention, your information, and so forth (again: check in with those pundits, Dear Ones.)

The symbology I feel about the Internet and social media is as simple as it is complex. I will detail it in later articles and share. Suffice it for now to be summarized as follows: I believe *everything* is spiritual and good inherently. This includes social media. It reflects who we are and how we are, period. They are tools and reflections of us. So I see no ultimate threat or harm in it. It gives you what you put in, and often more returns than you could ever imagine (abstract, real and in between). Just like life.

I spoke about this just a bit as well — more on that later, too. You are welcome to see the video below (I was not/am not super telegenic, did not prepare for the lights, and so forth. Telegenic? That’s a work in process. my apologies.)

One of the most previously heartbreaking reasons I’d pulled away from social was…just as with my music in the music industry on occasion, I found that people would cull from my resources, befriend those i was in touch with (meatspace or virtual), and ignore me. They would take advantage of opportunities i was investigating, or people I was in touch with, many of whom were well-known, and leverage/benefit from those relationships.

That is all fine and well, however, these ‘leveragers’ also had the money, time and other resources to really take those opportunities to successful levels and then make it as if they never knew or knew of me. Why did I find it heartbreaking?s. I wanted to play with, not get walked over or ‘played with.’ I just love the ingress and ingress of being out and about with artists and making art…and it was easier to do so when I was working with a company that facilitated those resource When they laid everybody off, I thought (mistakenly) I’d “lost” a lot. So many wondrous folks I know of just rally and keep moving forward. I did keep moving forward, it’s just that I lost the will-force power and did not have backup resources, such as FAITH. This is my failing.

This “leveraging” happened time after time after time to where i lost confidence in friends and in being connected with many people. i couldn't
mitigate or discern who those genuine connections were.

So I “grounded the planes,” pulled everything offline, and became more of a virtual assistant/social media helper/PR person…shifting into the mode of helping others, which I love, without the balance of doing so for myself as well. I am slowly rebuilding those connections.

Now, I look at it as more of a mutually beneficial thing. No one can “use” anyone else, in my spiritual thinking. All of these are agreements we make sub/consciously and roles we have to play, in order to learn. “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Shakespeare) We are conduits. I do have a little bit more discernment than prior, but am in more of a “so what” space (just the other day, Facebook made it so friend activity cannot be hidden. Everyone has to know everything now, this is our culture. What we share is self-conscious. We present things in a certain way. I have no illusions about that — however, it would be great to be able to continue to have onus over our own data. Good luck to us!).

And truly, you cannot take it with you. This include possessions, love n’ money, detritus and data detritus. Letting go is important. Discerned attachment and detachment, these are also important! I don’t want to be so detached that I don’t care about myself, my loves, my community. Or so attached that I cannot move forward.

And i have different goals in terms of my music now. Money is not
at the forefront of my consciousness nor has it ever been. but I have desired funding/abundance in order to support myself, my health, and my art. So when i’m in touch with other artists who don’t want anything to do with money i’m rather skpetical. Why? The symbology behind money is “value.” i don’t need cray-cray wealth, abundance, or resources, I’m just doing my best to be a healthy, self-sustaining working artist.

And you? What are you up to, today? I am open to your thoughts. Please feel free to connect with me.

I welcome you to come chat with me about these ideas. You can respond to this article here at Medium, or connect with me via the Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook links below. I apologize — due to spam I cannot post/share direct email at this time.
come see about me.

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