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Dear community,

Thank you for showing an immense interest in SunContract, SNC, NFT. We appreciate every question you posed.

Some questions are repeating or are similar. That’s why we put them in meaningful sets and tried to answer all of them.

1. Global Market

When will platform be available in one or more new markets, countries and why we are waiting so long to open a new market if project is a growth success in Slovenija?

Is Vaillant still an active partner of Suncontract? Are they in any way involved in opening SC platform market in Germany?

When entering Italy?

How long will we wait for the possibility of using the snc token by people living outside Slovenia?

Which markets are being worked on? What is the progress from 2019 to now on new markets? Will we see a new market or global service this year, thanks to which non-Slovenian people will be able to use the snc token?

Is it safe to say that by the end of 2022 at least one new market will be opened?

Why has the team done nothing within 4 years to make people who live outside Slovenia and who supported the project during the ICO satisfied with the investment?

The progress from 2018 to nowadays is available on our website: About SunContract Blockchain based Energy Project — SunContract.

SunContract is growing in Slovenia and is expanding its market share. We are grateful to all who already recognized added value of our unique energy marketplace. We are also aware of the fact, that number of solar power-plant owners in Slovenia is increasing. Many of them opted for solar power plant at our exclusive partner SONCE energija and have chosen to use our platform.

In 2022, we already set up a new P2P energy marketplace for dynamic pricing, where we were first player in the market to do so, which brought a great success so far. It was a response to enormous energy market volatility and in compliance with EU and Slovenian law, which require dynamic pricing to be offered to all customers.

Vaillant is currently not an active member of SunContract, but we have a program to onboard more energy partners in the following year and we will try to reactivate Vaillant as well.

We are currently developing a P2P retail-level cross-border energy trading marketplace infrastructure for cross-border P2P energy trading between countries, and hiring additional new team members, professionals for energy and capacity trading for cross-border expansion of our company. Our plan is to open at least one new market in Europe in 2023. At the moment, we can’t yet reveal which country will it be.

We are developing also global services, which we plan to be available in 2022. Global services are related to Non Fungible Tokens and will be introduced first to SunContract pioneers and later to other members on the platform. More details will follow later on.

2. Estonian Office

What operations does the Estonian office do since there is zero employee count in the Estonian registry? data from (2021 Q3)

Estonian office runs the Suncontract company and its operations in Estonia as well is involved in a few Horizon development project financed by the Europe Commission. We are in energy and crypto world of operations and we are also flexible with employment arrangement, where many people in the group has different employment contract to work with us. There are many different contract types and not only full time employment type, so for us the contract type is not important, we treat out team members equal regardless the hiring contract type.

3. NFT — renting solar power panels

When the NFT feature will launch?

What will it cost per month to rent a Solar power panel and what will be the turnover a month for one solar panel?

Can we earn NFT’s by staking SNC on platform?

What can we do with one NFT?

What will max. supply be of NFT’s?

We plan to offer this global service in the year 2022. More details about the business model will be available later on, keep follow us.

4. Platform

How many active users are using the platform? What are the forecasts for a further increase in the number of users? What is your goal of the maximum number of users that can only be reached on the Slovenian market?

On the market I accepted (and confirmed) a price which requires an annex. Are you obligated to send me the annex? Am I obligated to sign the annex when I receive it?

Those numbers we release on a yearly basis when we introduce yearly report. The number of users is growing each day. With global services available, we expect this growth gradient will be even much higher.
We redesign our platform services in some core areas to be able to perform with 1 million users so far. Some additional services are upgrading as sell and also some front-end services are in development. When we show some front-end services, our members will feel and touch more advanced and intelligent services by them self.

Can I buy SNC on SunContract platform in the future?

We plan to offer a service to swap EUR, BTC or ETH to SNC on the platform. This will be additional global supporting service on the platform.

5. SNC general

SNC any staking pri defi farming on platform?

We sill consider this options in the future, thanks for your idea.

Stablecoin pairs of SNC in next years? Any internal fiat gateways on platform?

We do not plan to do our own stable coins.

Can we implement a small burn fee with each SNC is redeemed?

We are not allowed to do any burnings, while SNC is pure utility token and will remain also in the future. Using SNC in any burning operations by SunContract would indanger utility essence of the token and putting it to regulatory risk, what we will not accept.

What provider does the SNC fiat gateway use (where does the gateway get the tokens)?

Currently the platform buy SNC tokens on the market, mostly on the biggest crypto exchanges like Huobi, OKEX and HitBTC.

Can we do staking?

We will consider this options in the future, thanks for your idea.

What does the team think and feel about the low price of the SNC token? Whether the price of the SNC token is significant to the team or not?

The price of the token is market related and the team has not influence to the market value. SunContract goal is, that the value is stable and on the market has enough liquidity for all participants to exchange tokens any time. We think that the value should reflect to number of users and services used on the platform. Because we are also on crypto world, the SNC price is related to major crypto currency BTC, which is important driver of the whole crypto market.

What differentiates you from the competition that also use blockchain technology? 3 words that make you stand out?

Unique P2P Energy Marketplace business model.

6. Marketing SNC and team

When more advertising SNC token in crypto mainstream media or Twitter (crypto ppl.)?

When we will be ready with new global services, we will use more marketing power for sure.

When is SNC trying to actively reach more people? Marketing etc? And I mean real marketing. Not a few twitter post.

When we can offer new services to our global customers.

Marketing plan schedule for token?

We do not do marketing for SNC token, we do and will do marketing for SunContract services and it will influence also SNC token indirectly.

What are the marketing plans and new team members?

We are hiring all the time in the Group and we will introduce number of team members also in the yearly reports. In 2021 we recruited 30 % new employees. In 2022 is also planned to increase our team again by 30 %.

Is there anything in works which makes the token more attractive for crypto traders?

Certainly new global services and new markets.

How big is SunContract team, will get bigger in 2022, 2023? What are plans, could you reveal more?

SunContract is part of the SONCE Group and SunContrat and whole group is growing very fast. We will give more information on regularly official reports.

7. SunContract — Miscellaneous

Is the team considering providing some incentive for providing liquidity on Uniswap, since the liquidity there has been very poor so far?

UniSwap is a great decentralised service managed directly by our SNC holders. We will consider if we can somehow help its liquidity in the future. The main obstacle is high price of using Ethereum network at the moment, what might change un the future, we hope so, with Ethereum 2.0 adoption.

Are there anything you are doing that reflects to crypto investors or pioneers?

New global services on the platform and its prior introduction to Pioneers.

Can Suncontract team send an official request to the EU regulator in charge and ask whether it is prohibited or not to conduct token burns of SNC? We all agree that it would be good for token value, and if it is not against any laws — it must be done.

This issue we already work out with legal team and with our Slovenian and Austrian law office and their legal opinion is negative. It is not 100 % in regualtions with FATF, EU regulators and new laws which will be accepted in future by regulators. Our business is 100% transparent and legal. That’s why we didn’t do token burns.

What is planned with your partner Microsoft?

Microsoft is our partner on It services, but we are not related only to one cloud or service provider. We work also with Amazon Web Services and some others. Regarding blockchain we stay on Ethereum and considering cross-chain compatibility in the future.

Dear SunLovers,
We hope we answered your questions.

Our team is working hard to open up new markets in Europe, to roll out a new, global crypto energy services, to develop of new AI based services and to make an UX upgrade and frontend redesign of SunContract Mobile and Web Apps.

We need all your support you can give us. Thank you for being with us, following our progress and for all your suggestions and good vibes.

Register on the SunContract platform today, and in case of any queries, feel free to get in touch with us on the Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit.




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