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Revealing SunContracts’ Pioneers

Program for early SunContract adopters; Option of meeting the team in Slovenia

About two hundred years ago, if you wanted to be a pioneer, you had to hop on a boat, go to the USA and try to make a living in a harsh environment of an untamed wild. That’s why the term “pioneer” is still linked to bravery, perseverance and a vision of a better tomorrow.

Today, luckily for most of us, being a pioneer no longer takes an arduous and possibly life-threatening journey, but it does take a certain courage, hope and a visionary quality in a person. Pioneers of today are people who seem to engage in rather obscure fields of exploration, research and investment, yet they will change the future. That is why SunContract named its pivotal part of a First stage platform, a Pioneer program (https://suncontract.energy/register). We had a chance to present it for the first time during our exciting visit to Digital, Solar and Storage in Munich on December 5th.

You can read up on our Munich experience here. Things are happening so fast something new pops up every week and we want to keep you posted regularly about the latest and most relevant stuff. This week we can proudly present a completely redesigned and more user-friendly website and a video you can watch. Feel free to comment upon it and share it anywhere you think people, interested in P2P Energy Market concept, might benefit from it. Make sure to share your opinions, questions and suggestions in the comments.

Giving something back to “Early birds” of SunContract story

The goal of Pioneers program is to unite a select group of early SunContract adopters and is meant for those who see themselves staying with SunContract in the long run. This special service is limited to one thousand supporters only.

Each Pioneer will enjoy a select range of benefits, inaccessible to those who join SunContract story at a later stage. In many cases, Pioneers will get open access to products in various stages of development.

Pioneers will be regularly and in-depth informed about our plans. We have annual conferences planned as part of future SunContract growth and we will present on these conferences the steps we intend to make in the future.

These events will be limited to crucial supporters of ours as well as Pioneers program members.

Being at the front of P2P Energy Market revolution

Pioneers will be treated preferentially regarding investments into photovoltaics, storage and other units in energy sector. As platform evolves, you can expect a constant growth of services.

At this point, visionary spirits can still join the Pioneers story by depositing 2000 SNCs to the platform. These tokens will be locked until full platform launch in 2018. After the launch, tokens will be mobile as their owners will see fit.

A small number of places is still left and you can register on our platform and pass first stage KYC — number verification. In the next round, full KYC will be performed. At the moment, you can check out new functionalities on our refurbished webpage. More will be added in the future.

It is a fact, demand for energy investments will rise in the future and Pioneers will be at the front of the blockchain revolution that is P2P Open Energy Market. As market changes, so will our program and Pioneers can expect a lot of opportunities opening for them ahead of others.

Rewarding the audacious

Many people who are following SunContract’s story of establishing P2P Energy Market asked us, why hadn’t we revealed our Pioneers program earlier? Even though, in truth, we did tell a handful of those who were eager to know more in our AMAs. But honestly, the momentum that followed our initial presentation to the world, surprised us.

And among all the backers, there was a recognizable, small, yet devoted group which invested time, funds and vocal support into our project. We just realized we needed a way to give something back.

At this point, we can reveal something extra for our earliest Pioneers that joined us until today. We want to meet you in person in the close future. This project is still in development, but we want our Pioneers to join our team, talk to us, share their views and opinions and have a good time. You can be sure more updates will be coming in the future. Check your SunContract personal office and mail inbox for special invitation.

Special offer

For our Pioneers we prepared a very special offer. Every member of the program can receive special offer from our leading partner company SONCE New Energy. In this special offer, every Pioneer can buy solar power plant and/or heat pump 30% off the regular price. Do not forget to check our platform for updates about special offers that will be available shortly.

Also, as usual: Join our Telegram where you can talk with the team and great community. Follow us on Twitter and Medium. SNC token is getting fresh traction and is being recognized by new people and exchanges thanks to great community around SunContract project. Also, do not miss the unique use case of the SNC token and check the healthy and stable growth of the SNC token on HitBtc exchange.

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