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SunContract Offers Customers Reduced Electricity Prices — COVID-19 Response

Up to 40% lower electricity prices

Dear SunLovers,

At SunContract, we are working alongside public officials to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our community by additionally helping small business owners and households to reduce their electricity bills.

With an unprecedented number of people staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we believe people should be focused on keeping their families safe and not on what time of day they should do laundry or wash dishes in order to save on energy.

In this article, we discuss the measures taken by both the state as well as SunContract as a company, in order to help our customers pay less for their energy during this time.

State measures to reduce the cost of electricity for small businesses and households:

Government Decree

Exemption from contributions to support the production of electricity in high-efficiency cogeneration and from renewable energy sources for a period of 3 months (1 March to 31 May). Which means reducing the electricity bill by about 20 percent.

Emergency measures of the Energy Agency:

For the period between March 1 to May 31, 2020, no tariff for accounting power will be charged for household and small business customers. The price for this item will be reflected as $0.00/kWh

For the average household customer, as well as for small business customer whose monthly electricity bill is about $ 50, the network charge will be reduced by 33 percent, while the whole bill will be reduced by 14 percent with unchanged consumption. Combined these measures will result in monthly savings of about 27% for both households and businesses.

Special offer of SunContract & partner SONCE energija

We are offering the follwoing promotional electricity prices in new packages:

“In this way, the average household will save between €10 and €30 a month, depending on their current electricity price. We have calibrated this special offer over what we consider to be a reasonable amount of time to think about and assess prospectively where businesses and families will be in the coming months. Customers can then maintain lower electricity prices even after the expiration of the package — by purchasing electricity directly from local producers on the SunContract marketplace” says CEO and Co-founder of SunContract — Gregor Novak.

Start supporting green energy, local communities and disrupting technologies. Register on the SunContract platform, chat with the team and community members on Telegram where we are always active. Our great supporters are also following us on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.More information on SNC token here: https://info.suncontract.org/suncontract-snc-token-0



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