SunContract is going on tour!

Organised by the European Blockchain Hub


There are very many exciting upcoming developments in store for our users and community. For one, we will be going on a Blockchain for sustainability tour that focuses on Europe and Asia between November and December.

These tour events are very important to SunContract as they will help us increase our exposure in both continents, not just with potential crypto supporters, but also with partners. We also plan to announce some new services that we will be introducing on the platform during this tour.

Want to join us on tour?

At SunContract, we really believe that being part of our community should be enjoyable, and we hope everyone finds a way to get involved that’s right for them. For the European Blockchain Hub Tour, we have a limited number of tickets for each event and we will be handing them to our community members on a first-come first-serve basis!

So where will we be, and when?

For more info on our tours, follow us on our social media channels. The dates are also available on the EU BC Hub webpage. To get a ticket from the team, simply send us an email at and if you are among the first, we will hook you up with a ticket!

November 2018:

📍 6 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Europe — Zueg

📍 9 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Europe — Warsaw

📍 12 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Europe — Berlin

📍 13 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Europe — Vienna

📍 15 -16 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Europe — Madrid

📍 19 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Europe — Stockholm

📍 22 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Manila

📍 24 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Ho Chi Minh

📍 27 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Jeju

📍 30 Nov 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Bangkok

📍 30. Nov 2018 British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce event: Energy Industry & Smart Cities — London

December 2018 — January 2019:

📍 3 Dec 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Bangalore

📍 11 Dec 2018 Forum Italia Solare — Rome

📍 15 Dec 2018 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Singapore

📍 Dec 2018/ Jan 2019 Blockchain Attack: Hello, Asia — Kuala Lumpur

We look forward to seeing some of your faces at these events, and more to come in 2019! This is it for now 👋

Chat with the team on Telegram where we are always active. We are also on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn. SNC token is available on the following exchanges: HitBTC, Kucoin, OkEx, Huobi, Next.Exchange, Kriptomat, Yobit and ForkDelta.

SunContract is an energy trading platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy marketplace based on smart contracts. The blockchain technologies are implemented into existing energy distribution systems without changing the general energy regulation framework. We have already developed and launched our pilot project which is in use on a national level in Slovenia and we will be expanding into Italy in 2019, with more countries to follow.