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Why renewable energy?

The whys behind our decision to get into clean-tech

For many generations, society has relied on burning fossil fuels to generate energy. In today’s world, using oil, gas and coal for our energy needs is becoming a problem. Here are a few reasons why we think you should join SunContract in the renewable energy bandwagon:

Climate change is real

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges that we have ever faced, and the main cause behind it is our dependence on fossil fuels. Burning coal, petroleum and other fossil fuels is the primary means by which we produce electricity, but it also leads to heavy concentrations of pollutants in our air and water.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable

Additionally, as the demand for fossil fuels has increased over the years thanks to digitisation, the cost of using them has also increased and each year we find ourselves with larger and larger electricity bills. This is due to the fact that fossil fuels do not have an infinite source. As time continues to go by and we continue to exhaust our fossil fuel resources, electricity will become even more expensive than it is today.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With a solar panel system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you don’t produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar will reduce your utility bills and you’ll still save a lot of money.

The energy market is extremely centralised

Besides the concentration of air pollutants in the atmosphere by fossil fuels, we have also for decades witnessed the concentration of economic power in the energy industry.

However, today, technological improvements brought about by disruptive companies such as SunContract have prompted nonutilities-also known as independent power producers to enter the competitive power market. By use of these technologies, these companies and individuals can now build new generating capacity and produce electricity more cheaply than utilities using fossil fuel or nuclear technologies.

Increases your property value

Multiple studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration as they value homes at the time of a sale, and as homebuyers become more educated about solar, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

Demonstrates commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important components of the SunContract organization’s culture and values. Increasingly, consumers and communities are recognizing and rewarding businesses that choose to operate responsibly. At SunContract, it has become apparent that “green” credentials are a powerful driver of consumer purchasing decisions, creating goodwill and improving our business results.

Job creation

Compared with fossil fuel technologies, which are typically mechanized and capital intensive, the renewable energy industry is more labor intensive. Solar panels need humans to install them; wind farms need technicians for maintenance. This means that, on average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.

Policies will favour renewable energy production

Progressive policy-making has the greatest impact on our renewable energy future. Revisions to the EU Renewable Energy Directive would benefit local energy generation. The revisions propose to encourage more local ownership of renewable energy and enshrine in law the right of citizens to produce, consume, sell and store renewable energy.

There is also a new rule on ‘electricity sharing schemes’ which will provide renewable energy to low-income consumers by allowing electricity credits generated in one location to be bought and sold or transferred to the electricity bill of another location. This will enable people living in buildings unsuitable for roof-top solar, such as flats and apartments, to still be active in the renewable electricity market.

SunContract Platform

SunContract is already commercially deployed

The SunContract platform is already designed, developed and deployed. Currently, the project is being implemented in Slovenia where the number of users on the platform is similar to that of two Slovenian villages. We anticipate that by year’s end, the number of users on the platform will be similar to the number of users in a typical Slovenian city.

Not on the platform yet? Register today and join us in the quest for a globally Open Energy Market

Chat with the team on Telegram where we are always active. We are also on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn. SNC token is available on the following exchanges: HitBTC, Next.Exchange, Kucoin, OkEx, Huobi, Yobit and ForkDelta.

SunContract is an energy trading platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy pool based on smart contracts. Blockchain technology takes over the role of the middle man as a trusted technology infrastructure. The blockchain technologies are implemented into existing energy distribution systems without changing the general energy regulation framework. We have already developed and launched our pilot project which is in use on a national level in Slovenia for a start. We are currently working on expansion, and adoption of the platform globally.

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CMO — SunContract




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SunContract is a pioneering energy-trading platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy marketplace based on smart contracts.