Sundance Vacations: “What Would You Do With an Extra Week of Vacation?” Part 4

We are now on our fourth entry in the “What Would You Do with an Extra Week of Vacation?” Series right here on

Sundance Vacations asked our employees a few months ago to write essay responses to that very question. We decided that they were too awesome NOT to share with everyone one, so we have been posting a new one each week!

We heard from Marc D and Rochelle Z, who both wanted to head to Florida for a little quality time with their families. This past week, we heard from Candy B, who wanted to take her hubby and explore the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This week, however we stay in the northeast, with a more charitable vacation in mind.

Our entry this week comes from Judy S. from our Tamaqua, Pennsylvania Office. Her vacation destination can be summed up with one phrase, “paying it forward.”

“What would I do if I had one extra week off from work???

Well, while a week on a beach somewhere sounds great, I would use that extra week to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington Delaware with my 2 sons, Jaden age 12 and Liam age 6. Liam is an outpatient at Nemours Children Hospital in Wilmington and we stay at the Ronald McDonald House almost monthly for his appointments and tests. The house is run by volunteers and I have always wanted to volunteer our time in appreciation for all they have done for my family. It is the love and dedication of the volunteers that makes taking Liam to his appointments a loving, supportive and even fun experience. Not only do the volunteers keep the home clean, they also prepare hot meals, organize fun arts and crafts and activities for the families, they treat you like FAMILY.

Always a warm smile, hug or even just an ear to listen. I know how much I appreciate coming back to the home after a long day at the hospital to a hot cooked meal prepared by those loving volunteers, it is truly a home away from home. I would love to be able to provide that comfort to other families. Not only will we be paying it forward, I will also be teaching my sons a valuable life lesson. That while it is not easy being a single mom of 2 boys, one a special needs child, there is always someone, somewhere who has it worse than you do. You may never know how one act of kindness could make someone’s day.”

There you have it, Judy wants to help out the people that often help her. Although it may not be a vacation in the traditional sense, it is surely a week that will have her feeling just as fulfilled.

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