A Tiresome Pursuit

I get notions, y’know. I think, yeah, let's do this little marketing exercise or that promotional thing. Then; crickets… and I lose interest.

What’s the point?

Less is more maybe?

I’m going with that idea. It’s healthier for me.

There’s a such thing as trying too hard, too hard to get people’s attention. So why not just make the thing, put it out there and let them find it?

Pursuing people’s attention is a tiresome exercise, and although I have learned my lesson, I still get excited about it from time to time. And there lies the problem; there’s something in me that wants attention.

Not so much that I’ll do a song and dance about it, but enough to lead me astray. And the funny thing is I know better.

Over the past thirty-something years of work, I’ve realised that good things happen on their own. I don’t need to make people take notice — they just do, in their own time. Eventually.

However, knowing is not enough. I need reminders from time to time.

This week from The Reflectionist

I’ve been writing new material daily on The Reflectionist this week and even managing to get a few shorter pieces out on the same day. Anyway, I feel I have lots to say these day. Here’s what you missed

St. Valentine’s Day My Arse
A mini rant on how men (and women) are being duped by clever marketeers

How To Be An Ethical Entrepreneur
A lengthy piece on entrepreneurship and the nature of business in a neoliberal society

How To Be An Introvert In Business
I regard myself as predominantly introverted. That is to say, I like my own company above the company of others. Here’s how I combine that with work.

Self Conversations
An introduction to the weirdness that awaits you in self-conversations.

Self Conversation Stream #001
The first self-conversation. I have a good talking to myself. Careful, this one is a little obscure.

Idle Thoughts on Writing, Art, & Work 02:34
Late at night reading Bukowski, I share some thoughts.

Saving Time Yet Spending Oneself
Some thoughts on the dichotomy of contemporary working life

Want to get in touch? It’s or post a comment on any of my articles.

So that’s all I’ve got for now. See yiz next week 🤙



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