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Of The Most Consistency

This one thing has persisted over the last six years, so I’m throwing myself into it

I’ve taken breaks of a few months from it here and there, felt uninspired, lost my mojo, needed a rest. It has even changed format, look and feel. But by and large, Sunday Letters has persisted.

It came out from the imperative to get real with myself. Added to the need for creative expression through writing, there appeared the possibility of making something worthwhile.

The subject matter is broad, primarily drawing on psychology and philosophy. You could say these are the foundation to my thought. Articles are concerned with society and culture––western industrialised culture. You know the one… It breeds a global population obsessed with a select few we call celebrity, is hypnotised by bright shiny things, consumes a toxic diet of processed foods, rapes and pillages the planet, and subjugates themselves to the command and order of fictional entities we call corporations.

We are truly a bizarre species.

In tomorrow’s issue of Sunday Letters, I’m writing about the death of a loved one — the first time I had to deal with such things as an adult. I knew it was coming and had contemplated it for several years. The experience of it was challenging, difficult, but revealing. I speak with my Dad these days and we remark at how there’s no avoiding it.

We’ll all have our turn.

What will that be like? It’s exciting to contemplate. Now, I realise that might sound strange. After all, we’re supposed to be afraid of death. Aren’t we? For me, however, there is a sense of nervous excitement about it. Wow! I wonder what’s coming next…

Hopefully, I’ll have awhile to go yet before I have to face it.

I’ve decided to focus most of my attention exclusively on Sunday Letters — two feet in, you could say. As such, I’m limiting my activity on this newsletter. I just can’t, with study, work, and family commitments, find the energy to give both newsletters what they need.

Sunday Letters is me and my thoughts in the raw — just like The Reflectionist has been, only branded differently.

On Sundays, in the Sunday Letters newsletter, I write about life, work, and the pursuit of happiness. Note however, that does not pertain to a recipe for achieving happiness, because, if you’ve read me before, you’ll know I believe this state of reality to be completely illusory. And just like its counter reality unhappiness, it is temporary.

On Wednesdays I publish a shorter piece on the Sunday Letters publication titled The Gnomic; a midweek compilation comprising a thought, a quote, a book, an album, and a visit to the archive. I might even include visual art and poetry from time to time.

With each of those issues, there is an audio version.

So that’s about it. Sunday Letters is where you’ll find me most often from now on. I hope to see you there.

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