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Profit and Loss: Discerning the true Cost of Consecration

Nov 22, 2020

What happens to our earthly possessions after death?

Jesus gave a story of a particular rich man (Luke 12:15–21). The story depicts a man who was blessed with much harvest that he had more than enough to satisfy both himself and many others in the community but instead he decided to hoard all the produce for himself alone. In end, the man died and obviously left everything to the fate of someone else to decide what to do with it.

What then is valuable here on Earth?

How then can we invest in our soul profitably?

Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:12-end extensively discusses why believers are most joyous amongst men. It all stems from the fact that we have an eternal hope in Christ Jesus, and a glorious future to look forward to even after death. Jesus describes this experience by liking the kingdom of God as unto a treasure that is worth more than all one has on earth (Matthew 13:44–46).

Challenges we may face

In this new walk with God, our appetites could be our greatest adversary. Examples can be seen in Esau who was described in Hebrews 12:16 as profane, easily led by his appetites and ultimately lost his divine inheritance as the firstborn; and Belshazzar who partied with the sacred items of the temple at Jerusalem and ultimately lost his kingdom and life that very night (Daniel 5:2–30). Our appetites are essential in keeping us satisfied and ultimately alive but when not kept in check can be a tool in the hands of the devil for our destruction. This age and time make it even more necessary to guard our appetites and bring them under subjection.



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