Moments That Made History — With Matcheswalla

Finding unconventional ways to accomplish tasks is second nature to our co-founder Aarish Matcheswalla. But when he got himself into this particular stance to click a picture, we knew that photography had found a new answer to some distressing questions on technique.
Observe how man and tripod become one:

As a salute to his genius, here’s a series of him going back in time to capture some of the most iconic moments in history through his famed lens:

One step for Matcheswalla, a giant leap for mankind

He always gets the best seat in the house

Showing the brothers how to do it ‘Wright’

These primitive-camera wielding gentlemen get introduced to the word ‘swag’

Who knew Churchill would pull a Bo Derek? Matcheswalla did.

Der Fuhrer poses for the man

Unfortunately, the wrong guy got all the credit for this one

The Flying Sikh captured by the Badass Bori

Rumour has it JFK wasn’t too happy about this