Our work life summed up in GIFs

It’s been exactly 2 months and 15 days since we went live. There are some things we’ve managed to nail on the head, others which we’re still grappling with, and some that have us as clueless as VVS Laxman in a commentary box. At the end of the day, it’s all part of the fun at One September, as explained aptly by these gifs.
PS — In case it isn’t obvious, we’re massive sports fans.

1. When the client says he wants something the next day

2. When someone asks us about our USP

3. How we approach deadlines

4.When we pulled off our first ever project as One September

5. When we’re pitching to a hot client

6. When someone gets an awesome idea during a brainstorm

7. Prasanna, when there are 5 projects due the next day

8. When the copywriters try their hand at art direction

9. 3am and still at work

10. Even so, Monday mornings at One September