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Import Apple Health

Our main goal with Sundly is to empower people by owning and being in full control of their personal health records.

One of the items in our public roadmap was to have a way to import medical records from existing apps, such as as Apple Health.

Among other features in our backlog, we asked Twitter for feedback on how to prioritize the development:

We’re please to announce a MVP version of such functionality, check out the following video or the steps ahead:

Step by Step

  • Open Apple Health in iOS
  • Profile > Export Health Data
  • Unzip export_cda.xml file
  • Open Sundly > Sign in
  • Go to Settings > Click “Import CDA” button
  • Select file export_cda.xml




Insights of re-thinking personal health records in a completely private & decentralized way

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Ben Orozco

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