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Hatch, Not Smash 🐣


So the other day, I read a post (can’t remember where) that compared divine timing to a chicken egg.

In order to witness a beautiful birth, you have to wait for the egg to hatch. You can’t smash the egg — just because you’re ready for the shell to crack — and expect the baby chick to survive.

This resonated with me because when it comes to manifesting, I used to expect my desires instantly. If it didn’t happen on my time, I decided it wasn’t going to happen, so I gave up and switched gears. I had to learn, that’s not how it works.

You really have to be patient.

“The Universe tends to unfold as it should.”

I guess I’m sharing this for those who dare to keep dreaming. You’ll have the desires of your heart. Don’t rush the process. Let it flow.

What you seek is seeking you.

Just wait on it. ❤️



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Raena McQueen

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