Keypoints of communication lead to an explicit communication

Human communication is a process by which people interact, affect, and inform each other. As I post methods of communications that we can use in business field, utilizing those methods are significant to success to survive in the society. Moreover, combine with techniques with communication method would be better for us to success in business. To achieve those, we should know what is important element of business communication. At first, I thought there are noting much special we should consider of business communication. However, there were lots of things I didn’t know and used before. I found a book named “Techniques of Business Communication” by Donal W. McIntosh, start talking from the process of communication to the way to communicate well through selling ourselves to give powerful impact to people in a first meeting.

Important element of business communication:

  1. self

We are the keystone, main part of the communication process. We have more control over ourselves than over others. Overall, communication is based on us, and what we trying to discuss about. Therefore, what we learn by ourselves can change us and our relations to others, also direction of communication.

2. Purpose

All of the communications we do have certain purpose. Sometimes people know why they communicate. This knowledge helps us to select the best media to use. Through recognizing purpose of the communication, techniques of communication can be different.

3. Media

Most of our communication is nonverbal. Nonverbal communication is included in one of the communications because we can communicate by using bodily expression, or depend on position and space of that time. Of course, we use verbal communication too. Usually we identify communication with speaking and writing, but lately the coin has been turned and we are also learning the importance and techniques of listening and reading.

Explicit Communication

Basically, explicit communication through writing contains several steps: To order or direct, instruct, inform, report, and then impact by using explicit words. These steps help us to write explicit professional writing, so that we can give first good impression to people who we are going to work with. However, there are more important thing we should know: SELLING YOURSELF. In other words, we can express and sell ourselves through resume.

“Your resume will influence others to look on you favorably or un-favorably. It isn’t what you have done that is crucial at this point, but the impression your resume makes. The same person’s background can be arranged into an excellent resume that shows promise and accomplishment, or into a colorless resume that results in a fast turndown”

After I became college student, I realized I have to improve my value by my own. To increase my value, i have to experience and involved in school so that I can express my value in front of people. If I don’t do anything and just hope my value goes up, its nonsense because as more I try to do something and get experience, as more chances can come to me. Until now, I am still trying to meet various kinds of people in school, and clubs so that I can make myself precious, and also my resume valuable.

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