Sunny announces airdrop to Osmosis (OSMO) holders

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3 min readAug 7, 2021


Sunny is conducting an airdrop to OSMO token holders! OSMO is the governance token for Osmosis, a DEX within the Cosmos Ecosystem. We hope this helps build a cross-chain relationship between the Sunny and Osmosis protocols and encourage Cosmos users to learn more about Solana.

Airdrop not yet claimable

The airdrop is based on snapshots at two different times, but it is not claimable until some time after Sunny launches on Solana Mainnet. The airdrop will be available shortly after the launch of yield farming.

49,711,750 SUNNY to OSMO holders

49,711,750 SUNNY tokens (0.25% of total supply) will be distributed to holders of OSMO based on a snapshot taken on Osmosis block height 650000 (August 6, 2021 00:39:42 UTC). There are 13,954 addresses eligible for this airdrop, resulting in 3,562 SUNNY governance tokens for each address.

Each Osmosis address that contains any amount of OSMO (including staked/unstaking/LP) and has completed missions 1 through 4 (if available) on Osmosis will be eligible for this airdrop. If you were not eligible for the initial OSMO airdrop to ATOM holders (mission 0) but have OSMO, you will be eligible for this SUNNY airdrop. OSMO held on an exchange will not count towards the airdrop. OSMO held inside Osmosis liquidity pools will count towards OSMO balance.

Additional Airdrop to Osmosis farmers proportionally based on USD value

Additionally, 49,711,750 SUNNY tokens (0.25% of total supply) will be distributed to users providing liquidity on the Osmosis DEX. The historical snapshot will be taken at a random time between August 11, 2021 00:00 UTC and August 25, 2021 00:00 UTC.

The random time will be provably fair, and nobody will know the exact snapshot time until after the latest possible snapshot time has ended (August 25, 2021 00:00:00 UTC). Randomness is taken from the last 64 bits of the block hash of the first Ethereum block on or after August 25, 2021 00:00:00 UTC. The timestamp as displayed on will be used as the source of truth.

The airdrop dates are intentionally in the future to give farmers an opportunity to provide liquidity on Osmosis. We hope to incentivize liquidity over the course of two weeks, and help grow the Osmosis community along with Sunny’s.

This snapshot will include a user’s USD value of OSMO plus the total USD value of all liquidity in Osmosis.For example, if a user has $20 of OSMO in their wallet, and $100 inside OSMO-ATOM, they will have $20 + $50 + $100 = $170 of weighting (OSMO will be double counted). The exact airdrop amount is proportional to the total weight of all Osmosis accounts.

Below is the reference code for calculating the exact time in Python.

import datetime

blockHash = “0xea674fdde714fd979de3edf0f56aa9716b898ec8”

last64Bits = int(“0x” + blockHash[-16:], 16)

beginning = datetime.datetime(2021,8,11,0,0,0)

seconds = 14*24*3600*last64Bits/0xffffffffffffffff

print(“Snapshot time (UTC):”, beginning + datetime.timedelta(0, seconds))

Update: Provably fair random time is August 24, 2021 10:06:33 UTC

According to Etherscan, block #13091189 was the first block after August 25, 2021 00:00:00 UTC. The block hash was 0xea674fdde714fd979de3edf0f56aa9716b898ec8. Based on the code above, this corresponds to a time 95.86587812332594% through the 2 week interval. Therefore, Sunny will use a snapshot of the Osmosis blockchain on the first block after August 24, 2021 10:06:33 UTC for the 2nd part of the Osmosis airdrop. Osmosis block #898727 is the block for the snapshot.

Check how many you are eligible to receive

The calculations and airdrop amounts have been published on GitHub. To see how many SUNNY you are eligible for, search for your Osmosis address in this file:

Claiming will be available in October.

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