1000+ Gather in 25 Cities for Day of Dedication

Around the country, people gathered to reflect and recommit to fighting for a better future, and to send a message to politicians and the world: young Americans will not stand aside as Trump and his billionaire friends destroy our health and home. In 2018 we will organize to kick out politicians at all levels of government that are putting fossil fuel billionaires ahead of us.

From Columbus…

to Boise…

to Philadelphia…

and right to the White House!

People braved rain in across the Midwest and Northeast

Beautiful singing and music could be heard across the country, including a Marimba Band at the Minnesota State Capital

People of all ages joined in:

From this NJ high school class’s letter-writing this week…

to this young Sunriser who joined in at the Minnesota Capital

We came together to write our own climate legacy and to let our politicians know that if they refuse to lead, we’ll be there instead.

But we know that making climate an urgent political issue in every corner of this country isn’t just a one day event. We just put our politicians on notice — now it’s time to follow through.

Join our call on Monday, 11/20, from 8–9:30pm ET to learn about how we’re going to make make 2018 the year when no politician can take money from fossil fuel billionaires, and still seriously claim to care about young people — and how you can be a part of it.

The Lansing capsule in the ground!