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How to create a media plan for a digital product

PR is the last thing you want to do last when releasing your digital product.

That’s why it’s vital that you deliver on your promise

Remember that the media, customers, and stakeholders will follow your actions. For example, if you declare the premiere of your product on a specific day and fail to deliver it on time, you will instantly appear as someone who can’t be trusted. Consequently, you’ll be risking that your business loses its reputation before you even release your product.

What is a media plan?

Your media plan should include the following things: your value, mission, and USP. I talked about these three elements in my previous article in this series on PR for startup founders.

Key takeaway

Good media plan it’s definitely worth your attention because great press can expand your reach significantly and bring you many new customers during the first weeks after the launch, right when your product is still surrounded by the aura of “hot off the press.”



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