Scrappy Tip: 8+ ways to use digital scrapbooking kits — infographic

In last couple of weeks, I’ve been asked what other projects I use digital scrapbooking kits for? Inspired by this question I created this colorful infographic to give you some ideas how to use digital scrapbooking kits in your personal projects.

And here 2 more uses of digital scrapbooking:

9. There is a new trend around: The Planner Craze as I call it. Digital scrapbooking kits are great for decorating planners, making covers and and dividers. Elements can be printed out and used as stickers and papers can be cut into strips and imitate washi tape.

10. Elements and papers can also be created to make fun journal cards, note cards, recipe cards, menus, shopping lists, to do lists and more.