Scrappy Tip — Uninspired

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration!

What do you do when you feel uninspired?

Two weeks ago I started the Scrap N’ Pieces Designer Mentoring Class. Each week I need to create a new color palette and a theme for a mini kit. With my first mini kit, the Bohemian Girl, I just had so many ideas and I just couldn’t stop designing. But this week’s assignment was definitely more challenging. I decided to try something new. I decided to try making an art journaling style kit. I created some fun papers and few elements and then I got stuck. I felt bummed out about it. I was really excited about this kit when I came up with the style, theme and color palette. I didn’t think it will be so hard. There was nothing else to do than to look for inspiration and ideas.

Where do you look for your inspiration?

My go tos are Pinterest, Google search, digital scrapbooking stores, and last but not least Instagram. I always look for things such as paintings, photographs, illustrations, doodles, quotes and anything that comes to my mind when I think about a certain theme.

This experience made me think about this week’s tip. I use the same approach when I want to create a layout but a lack of ideas. I start with picking a photo I want to scrap and then research anything that may inspire me.

Next time when you feel uninspired look for inspiration outside the box. Look for things that represent the image you want to use, look for colors to go with your photo. Look for any quotes and song lyrics, themes anything that comes to mind and you will find inspiration

Here is an example of a digital scrapbooking layout I created inspired by this beautiful painting by Carin Fausett.

Layout made with the Moments To Remember Collection

Next time you feel uninspired tried looking around the web for some ideas, do not walk away.