What is Marketing Anyway?


Shut up and listen!

I heard some people saying things like…

They focused too much on marketing!” or “It’s just marketing

Some people still believe that marketing is way of covering their product with a shiny packaging and nice sounding words that make it better than it really is.

I believe that marketing is much more than this and I think it has evolved in the last few years.

This is what I believe marketing is and is not:

  1. Marketing is not advertising.

2. Marketing is a conversation with your customers. A conversation is both ways; talk and listen. Sometimes you need to shut up and listen!

3. Marketing is not sales. Marketing is present in all the steps of the buyer’s journey (from generating awareness to advocacy).

4. Marketing means learning from customers and improve your product to satisfy their needs. Also, (but not only) changing your message to adapt to their needs.

5. Marketing is a mix of science and art. Numbers are vital to understand your customers and putting some creativity in the direction that the numbers point is the way to succeed.

6. You can find people from diverse fields doing marketing; from data scientists and business gurus to graphic designers. If they are exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit, they are doing marketing. This sentence is from Philip Kotler’s definition of marketing.

7. Marketing is building a relationship with customers. Successful relationships are always based on trust.

8. Growth hacking is not a marketing only job. Growth hacking involves understanding your target market’s needs and delivering an amazing solution in the perfect timing to grow like a hockey stick.

My personal goal as a marketer is and is always going to be putting customers is the center and trying to offer the best solution for their needs.

This is the only way to be successful in Marketing.

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