SUPA @ CES2018

Suunto Booth #44337, Sands Expo 2nd level

January 9–12:
At CES visit SUPA at Suunto Booth #44337, Sands Expo 2nd level and talk with us about incorporating SUPA technology into your products and services.
To schedule a meeting with Sabine Seymour please contact
Or come to see SUPA in action at the Booth.
Wednesday 10AM
Thursday 2PM

SUPA AI contextualizes data derived from distributed IoT devices — digital scale, nutrition app, and biometric data — heart rate, motion, temperature — from SUPA and Movesense sensors in apparel.

SUPA Kits include the sensors and data, and are modularly designed enabling our B2B customers to offer customized digital applications including smart apparel for sports, wellness, and health.

SUPA enables highly personalized insights for individuals and data analytics. SUPA is building a secure vault of biometric data to democratize healthcare.

Retail Innovation Lounge Booth #31600, Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall 3

January 9–12: 
SUPA also exhibits at Retail Innovation Lounge Booth #31600, Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall 3.
CEO Sabine Seymour will join the panel Retail the Body
Thursday 10–10:30AM

Lufthansa FlyingLab Fashion Fusion

January 8: 
Lufthansa FlyingLab Fashion Fusion flies SUPA CEO Sabine Seymour to CES in style. Sabine Seymour is joining Deutsche Telekom and Google Project Jacquard as an onboard speaker.

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