What is the SUPA Ethos?

Sabine Seymour
Mar 8, 2017 · 2 min read

If there is surf, we surf. If there are freshies, you’ll find us in the backcountry. If we’re stuck in the city, we run up the stairs in the subway.

We believe in a balanced lifestyle. If we need to get shit done. We get it done. Oh, and we sleep a lot. It’s regenerating. Yep, calms down the nervous system and gets rid of those wrinkles. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing.

We do not believe in health conditions. You have asthma, you know your breathing rate better than anybody else. You have a knee replacement, you are bionic. We call those SUPA Powers.

SUPA relies on scientific data. We take data seriously and we need a lot to make our SUPA AI truly intelligent. Without you, it’ll be pretty dumb.

SUPA was selected for the UNICEF Wearables for Good catalogue for our wearable sensor kit for pregnant women to minimize the risk of maternal death in Ethiopia. We need a lot of SUPA in this world. So if you buy our SUPA Surf Neoprene Sweater we donate to the Surfrider Foundation NYC to ensure we can surf our oceans forever and you become a SUPA Hero!

Activate your SUPA Powers!

The SUPA Code

  1. The SUPA Squad lives what they sell.
  2. SUPA regards (health) conditions as SUPA powers.
  3. For SUPA, humans come first (always).
  4. SUPA is (working hard on) living a balanced lifestyle.
  5. SUPA connects body & mind.
  6. SUPA empowers with science.
  7. SUPA uses data for good.
  8. SUPA makes you happy.
  9. For SUPA, the body is a sanctum.
  10. And if you want to be SUPA you have to have a SUPA dance move!

SAY SUPA #0001

Everybody has their own SUPA! So we asked a few people how they’d say SUPA. I (the original SUPA Squad) was born in Austria and when we say super, we actually say ‘supa’. We sampled a few friends for our ‘research’ and the result became our first video campaign: SAY SUPA #0001.


Get paid for your moves with SUPA Tokens!


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Get paid for your moves with SUPA Tokens!