SUPA Intel

We’re building an AI to get you SUPA activated. So we’ll be gathering intel.

Daily Heart Wear

Ok, so you’ve gotten your heart broken. But let’s not have that happen literally. Strengthen your heart and all this is behind you. Also, you’re just looking better when your heart’s in great shape. Get your glow!

Heart rate and surfing? Well, I (the original SUPA Squad member) hate the treadmill, but I love surfing. Turns out it’s a pretty amazing way to do some cardio! We’ll be gathering more intel. Stay tuned!

Run like Flash

Running is simply effortless. You do not need much, just a pair of sneakers that fit your profile and off you go. And yes, if you’ve a knee injury (argh, … ) you might want to take it easy and don’t forget stretching. Though, to run like Flash you might need to activate your SUPA powers. We’ve the solutions lined up. Stay tuned!