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We are fun in the front, meets buttoned up data and science in the back. We don’t count calories, we count hamburgers and apples. An apple is roughly 100 calories and a hamburger is 500. And nachos are delicious.

We’re building an Artificial Intelligence to get you SUPA activated. So we’ll be gathering intel and are using our secret SUPA lingo. Here is an excerpt from our internal files for SUPA Squad only!

What is a heart rate zone anyway?

Sabine Seymour, founder & CEO of SUPA had an epiphany: “OMG, my legs felt like jelly after three days of snowboarding in the backcountry. I thought I was still in competition shape. You don’t get up to heart rate zone 5 by sitting on a desk. Using SUPA made me aware. I understand my heart and by strengthening it I automatically get stronger.”

The SUPA Squad recommends to learn more about heart rate zones in this comprehensive article published by Wareable.

Wear the SUPA Powered Sports Bra to get in SUPA shape. The SUPA Reactor snaps on like an accessory and connects to the SUPA App for iOS via Bluetooth.

SUPA’s visual color code in the SUPA App helps you to know in which zone you are just by glancing on your phone. But at SUPA we empower you to look at your heart rate zones over time — so you get to know your body. If you can do it with your body, you can do it better with SUPA!

ZONE 1: SUPA blue

ZONE 2: SUPA green

ZONE 3: SUPA yellow

ZONE 4: SUPA orange

ZONE 5: SUPA red


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  2. Martha Gulati, Leslee J. Shaw, Ronald A. Thisted, Henry R. Black, C. Noel Bairey Merz, Morton F. Arnsdorf: Heart Rate Response to Exercise Stress Testing in Asymptomatic Women, Exercise Physiology, Volume 122, Issue 2, July 2010

SUPA Power: Daily Heart Wear

Ok, so you’ve gotten your heart broken. But let’s not have that happen literally. Strengthen your heart and all this is behind you. Also, you’re just looking better when your heart’s in great shape. Get your glow!

Heart rate and surfing? Well, I (the original SUPA Squad member) hate the treadmill, but I love surfing. Turns out it’s a pretty amazing way to do some cardio!

SUPA Power: Run like Flash

Pro-tip: don’t use it on the treadmill. SUPA runs best outside. The AI uses GPS to map where your run took place, your best mile time, your gain in elevation, the heart rate zones you hit, and the sensors can better compute external environmental factors when we run outside. Or dance. In the street.

What’s a SUPA PING?

SUPA PING is our way of letting you know what’s up. Today we call it a push notification or message. Aw, but in the old computer days we used to ping a server. Ping is so SUPA! And well, we love the 80s. You get a SUPA PING after your workout. It might say “Shedding some weight. Yippee!” or “Hey you, lazy!” if you’ve not stepped it up.

We’ll be gathering more intel. Stay tuned!

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