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Sabine Seymour
Mar 8, 2017 · 2 min read
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Mercedes-Benz did an original film with SUPA, NASA invited us to a solutions meeting at the Space Center, and UNICEF added us to their catalogue for Wearables for Good, and we got a check from Craig Newmark (as in Craig’s List).

SUPA on 📽

WHAT IS SUPA®? World Web Forum Interview (January 2019)

DMEXCO TV 2018 Interview: Tokenizing the Body

ISPO Munich 2018: ISPO Digitize with Adidas (January 2018)

Forbes: Sabine Seymour Is Making Clothing A Data Platform — Unconventional Minds (September 2017)

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Forbes: Sabine Seymour is Making Clothing A Data Platform — Unconventional Minds

Mercedes-Benz Original Film: Alter Ego (December 2016)

New York Times: My PC helps me create (sponsored by the PC Consortium)
The Verge: Future is now (sponsored by Intel)
TechTimes: Sensor enabled clothing

SUPA in 📰

Observador: A SUPA permite aos utilizadores guardarem e fornecerem os dados biométricos, de forma anónima, às empresas e, ao mesmo tempo, obterem retorno financeiro com isso
DMEXCO: Tokenizing your Body: Why the GenZ sells its data
WeAr: Al centro di sport, fitness e Salute batte sempre più spesso un cuore Suunto
Red Bull Magazine: Trends de corrida para 2018 que gostaríamos que chegassem ao Brasil
FashionBeans: How Technology is Changing the Way we Dress
Wall Street Journal: The New Workout Secret: Clothing Sensors That Up Your Game
Material Is Your Business (Podcast)
Wareable: 35 women to watch (SUPA made it to #1)
Vice: I Am Become the Yoga Cyborg
Ravelin: Super Powered SUPA Clothing
Telemedicine: Telehealth Gets a SUPA Power Boost
Wareable: Supa is here to make the quantified self cool
WIRED Germany: Das Internet der Dinge erobert die Kleiderschränke (in German)
Wearable: This SUPA Powered Sports Bra is a Mesh Up of Neon, Heart Rate, and AI
Mercedes-Benz Magazine: Wear your heart(rate) on your sleeve
Mercedes-Benz Magazine: Am Puls der Zeit (in German)
Forbes: Are You Smarter Than My Clothing?
New York Times: My PC Unites Wearable Tech With High Fashion
TechTimes: Sabine Seymour Has Designs On Your Dumb Clothes

SUPA awards 🏆

Finalist IOT/WT Innovation World Cup in Sports & Fitness and Smart Textiles
SUPA was shortlisted for the StartUp of the Year by Wareable Tech Awards 2017

SUPA in 🆘

UNICEF Wearables for Good Catalogue: SUPA powered MATERNITY. A wearable sensor kit for pregnant women to minimize the risk of maternal death.

SUPA on 📽 by StartUp Health

StartUp Health: Turning your bra into a SUPA Power (October 2017)

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