Customer Service Software for small businesses

Do you have a smaller business? Then read on here and see why customer service is incredibly important to keep in mind when you run your business.

You may not have as many customers as your competitors have, but because of that you will have to focus on your customer service and the processes you have in your company.

1.The first tip that I’m sure will improve your customer service is to add live chat to your website.

You may think that you need a large company who has dedicated customer service staff before adding live chat to your website. But let me tell you something, that is not true. Supbine’s live chat suits any business, small and big. In this post you will see how much potential there is in live chat.

Help your customers and sell at the same time

One of the major advantages of having live chat on your website is that it helps you sell more. Who does not want that? While answering your customers’ questions and providing good customer service, you have the opportunity to sell your products, a true win-win situation.

2. Time for the second tip that I’m sure will help your revenue. Supbine’s live chat allows you to see how many visitors are on your website, which pages they are on and even how long time they have been on the page. With live chat you have the opportunity to contact your visitors who browse your website. By interacting with your visitors shows that you want to help them and you care about them, which makes it much easier to convert them into paying customers.

Loyal customers helps your business grow

3. Time for the third tip that I know will help your business grow. For small businesses it is incredibly important to build close relations with the customers. Once you’ve had a live chat session with one of your customers, you’ll get a lot of useful information. With Supbine’s live chat, you always have access to the customer’s name and email, which you can use for retargeting, for example to promote a campaign.

Should your business have live chat?

If you consider adding live chat to your website, I can only recommend it and otherwise I will let this picture speak for itself.

Live chat is not only smart and efficient, it gives you the opportunity to gain insight about your customers and help them when they really need it.

That was my 3 tips why your business needs live chat. Try it for free today.

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