High Moon Studios to assist Bungie with Destiny 2!

According to a recent report from Kotaku. Talking about the development of Destiny, and the underlying problems with Bungie up till the game’s release.

Through High Moon Studios site it is now known that they are going to be working on Destiny 2, and are probably going to be doing a Call of Duty type of thing where they do one game and Bungie does the other, but only up until that report from Kotaku there was no information surrounding the development of Destiny, and High Moon Studios.

According to the report from Kotaku, a Destiny expansion code-named Comet was first worked on 2013. Originally Comet was to include a new planet, Europa, a new public space on Mars, and an area on Earth called the European Dead Zone. The expansion, which would have been priced at $60 USD, proved somewhat too pricey, and in March of 2014 it was “rebooted”. Comet was honed and refined and eventually released as last month’s The Taken King expansion, and according to the report it is reusing most of Joseph Staten’s work on the original Destiny story.

Kotaku’s source said the entirety of the Martian world was sent to High Moon Studios to be developed for the game’s sequel, allegedly due next year.

Kotaku was quick to point out that retooling and reducing the scope of an expansion is not an uncommon practice. In the case of Destiny, several different issues worked in tandem to make the game into the product that was released last September, something that was quite different from the original vision. Some of those issues being development tools being difficult to use.

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Originally published at superjoystick.ga on October 21, 2015.

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