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A Look at Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

A charming experience marred by a lack of substance

The overworld is entirely made up of cards! Source: Nintendo

A World of Cards

Believe it or not — literally everything in Voice of Cards is, well… made of cards. Every single aspect of the world in this game is a card. From the items to the characters, the spells used in battle, to even the square grid of the overworld, it’s all cards. This RPG doesn’t waste any time living up to its name in that aspect, at the very least. Combined with Yoko Taro’s usual aesthetics, this provides an experience that is truly charming.

Voice of Cards has a wonderful backdrop for combat that resembles an actual tabletop. Source: Game Rant

Taro’s Tabletop

That’s right — Voice of Cards has no voice acting whatsoever beyond that of the narrator.

Levels in Voice of Cards cap at 30, and even if you don’t over level, the game never really throws enough challenge at you to be difficult. Source: InterReviewed

Royal Flush

With that combat in mind, one of the big problems Voice of Cards is laid bare: the game is way, way, too easy.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun.

A Lovable Charm

The story itself, however, is a fun tale to sit through. As usual, Yoko Taro knows exactly how to hit players with that sudden gut-punch of a story revelation — while also having you pondering far too long about the implications of your decision-making.

Source: Push Square



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