Destiny 2: Forsaken Preview

All aboard the Bungie hype train

The time has come, everyone; Destiny is back. While Forsaken, the latest expansion pack to Destiny 2, is not set to release until next Tuesday, Bungie done gone and released a metric ton of content and lore this afternoon that have hit our bloodstreams like a shot of adrenaline. It truly feels like Christmas Day here in the Destiny community, and boy is there a lot to unpack.

Patches, trailers, and lore, oh my

The day started just as we knew it would. The launch trailer was supposed to drop Monday morning, but Bungie took a day of silence in honor of those who lost their lives in Sunday’s Jacksonville shooting. As planned, the trailer dropped this morning and it was glorious.

“How’s your sister?” Never change, Cayde. We knew that things would once again be getting hot and heavy on the story/lore front but damn is this so good. I can’t wait to dive into this story and avenge our favorite Hunter Vanguard.

Bungie didn’t stop here, though. Shortly after the trailer dropped, they hit us with some, albeit short, bits of lore pertaining to Cayde-6.

The biggest lore hint we got in these letters was one from Petra Venj in which she sends a decoded message saying “Fikrul alive. Distress call from Illyn.” For the uninitiated, Fikrul is the leader of the Scorn Barons, the rogue faction led by Uldren Sov that are responsible for the murder of Cayde-6. Illyn is the leader of the Coven, a group of Techeun Witches that serve the Queen, and Uldren’s sister, Mara Sov. The fact that we’ve got Petra, a member of the Royal Awoken Guard, sending a decoded message to Cayde from someone loyal to the Queen is quite intriguing. Give me all the lore, Bungie!

If that wasn’t enough, Bungie came back soon after with another video and an accompanying blog post.

There is a ton to unpack here, so let’s break this down bit by bit.

Free seasonal updates

We knew these were coming, but now we have an idea of what exactly they will entail.

These seasonal updates will be hitting every three months or so and bring a host of changes. This December will bring the Season of the Forge (seen above) that comes with Heavy Machine Guns coming back (!!!!!!!), new weapons, new crucible content, Iron Banner, gameplay updates (!!!!!!!), and seasonal ranks. Each season will also have an event happening alongside it, with The Dawning being the first to hit this December.

Each of the other seasonal updates, Season of the Drifter (Spring 2019) and Season of the [redacted] (Summer 2019), will each bring new weapons and all that, as well. The best part here is that these are completely FREE. No DLC passes required. Wait, no. That part is certainly great. But the best part is that the content in each of these releases will take place “in a month-over-month roll out of new experiences, events, rewards and activities.” Basically, content won’t just drop all at once. We’ll get a constantly updated world to explore.

And then if all that wasn’t enough, the long-awaited sandbox patch finally dropped this afternoon and brought along a host of changes. While I haven’t gotten a chance to dive in yet, from what I’ve seen on Twitch and read on Twitter, those PvP changes I talked about a few weeks back are as great as promised.

*God’s Plan starts playing*

Annual pass content

Free content isn’t the only thing coming every season, though. While there won’t be the traditional “expansion pass” that we've become accustomed to in the past, there is an annual pass that will introduce a ton of content.

Seasonal updates bring the sandbox changes, while the annual pass content will be the meat and potatoes of each season.

The first one, Black Armory (pictured above), is giving us a lot to dig into. Whatever the Black Armory actually is, we’ll be able to access it and get our hands on some sick loot. A brand-new activity, Forges of the Chain, will launch. A new Raid Lair will be made available. New exotics, new legendaries, new Triumphs & Collections will hit the game. *Takes deep breath* There will also be bonus rewards to pick up.

The other two annual pass drops, Joker’s Wild (Spring 2019) and Penumbra (Summer 2019), will bring along similar features with them.

So. Much. Content.

A renewed outlook

Watching the video above, you can hear that the attitude of Bungie has done a complete 180 as compared to last year when Destiny 2 was originally released.

“We want to make Destiny weird again. We want to bring the hobby back.”

Like music to my ears.

When Destiny 2 launched last Fall, the game felt like a shell of its former self. Gone was just about everything that fans loved about the game and in its place was a nice foundation that lacked any real substance. The game just felt empty.

Not anymore.

There will finally be an endless well that we can dip into. No more content droughts. Between the seasonal updates and annual past content, there will always be something to chase. From loot to titles (!!!!!), there is going to be so much to do come next Tuesday and in the months to come.

I’m fully aware that this could very well fall short of our lofty expectations. We thought the initial launch of the game was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and we saw how that turned out. But given how open Bungie has been and how they’ve actually owned up to their mistakes, I feel comfortable at least holding onto my optimism for this expansion. We’ll find out for sure once we can dig in next week.

For now, excuse me while I go check out all the new stuff that hit with today’s update. See y’all next Tuesday!
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