By God, Bungie Might Have Actually Done It

Will the Forsaken expansion fix the game’s PvP woes?

Destiny 2 has largely been viewed as a failure. After spending three years perfecting the original game, Bungie inexplicably decided to pull back on what made the game so special. Gone were the hero moments in PvP. Gone were a lot of the investment systems that kept players coming back for more on a daily basis. At launch, Destiny 2 took the franchise to lows that it hadn’t seen since the first game launch in September of 2014. Many thought the franchise was dead.

Slowly but surely though, Bungie was owning up to its mistakes and righting the wrongs of Destiny 2’s initial launch. With each major update of the game, things have gotten progressively better. But even with the game’s most recent update, it wasn’t quite there yet. It was closer, no doubt. But hadn’t yet hit the sweet spot.

But then a so-called “bug” changed everything. If you’ve booted up PvP in the last couple weeks, you’ve probably had some of the best times ever in the history of this game. With Bungie having accidentally removed skill-based matchmaking, PvP was something that it hadn’t been since the heyday of Destiny.

Destiny 2 PvP is fun.

I’ve found myself completely getting lost in the sauce over the last week as the game has felt so damn good. If that wasn’t enough, Bungie hit us with a combat reveal stream Tuesday morning that had sent a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of the most dedicated fans who’ve stuck around this far.

Here’s a quick (non-exhaustive) list of the greatness we can expect from the improved combat systems coming with Forsaken.

  • New weapon system akin to that of Destiny that allows for more flexible loadouts
  • Hand cannons are 3–tap kills (two body, one headshot)
  • Melees are 2-hit kills
  • Titan shoulder hits are one-hit kills
  • Assault rifles actually shred even when just hitting bodyshots
  • Everyone spawns with special ammo
  • Tethers activate much quicker and have better target acquisition
  • Golden gun now last nine seconds instead of seven
  • Stormtrance kills much faster
  • Random rolls are back!
  • The improve mod system gives meaningful buffs and add to the grind since you can farm mods from any weapon dismantled
  • Armor mods are significant (for example: you can stack grenade mods to give you a 60% buff, meaning an about 33 second timer)
  • Time to kill has been lowered across the board, resulting in a faster pace and less teamshotting

The best part is most of this will be available on August 28 when the Forsaken update hits the servers. We won’t get to try out the new mod system, but the weapon changes and general sandbox updates will go live on the 28th.

My biggest takeaway from the stream was that watching it felt like watching Destiny back in the day. It looked crisp. It looked spicy. More importantly, it looked fun. Even with the devs and their extreme lack of skill (no shade intended since I’m not the greatest either, but this PvP was really subpar at times, making it hard to see what one can really do with the changes), you could tell that it looked different.

Now, this was just PvP and there’s no telling whether this will fix all the many problems this game has. Trials could still be boring. The raids could fall flat. The investment systems may not be deep enough. Just about anything could still go wrong. It’s happened time and again with this game.

But if there’s one thing that Bungie has shown over the last year, it’s that they’re actually listening to the community for once. They’ve heard the cries and are trying to fix this game. While it’s not there yet, it’s come a hell of a long way since last September.

We won’t truly know if this will save Destiny 2 until we get our hands on it next month. For the first time since the game’s release though, I actually feel confident in putting my faith in Bungie once more in the hopes that one of my favorite franchises of all time will once again rise to prominence.