Can Valorant Be The New CS:GO?

An overview on whether Valorant can be the next go-to competitive shooter

Nuzair Palwala
Sep 21, 2020 · 5 min read

Yes, we have heard this a billion times now “Yo, Nuzair CSGO is a dead game bruh!” But time and time again CSGO has pulled a clutch and saved itself.

Counter-Strike has been the golden standard for tactical shooters since its inception in 2000 and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is the latest entry in the franchise being released in 2012. Since its release, CS:GO has been considered by some as the best Counter-Strike out there. With regular Majors being held since as long as I can remember and a huge player-base (no doubt due in large part to the fact that it can basically run on any hardware) has made its one of the biggest esport titles out there.

With being the best, CS:GO has had plenty of competition, with probably the biggest being Rainbow Six Siege. While this is an amazing game in its own right, it still has not gotten close to the success of Counter-Strike. This more or less made sense cause none of the competition went head-on with CS:GO but Valorant is different, it aims to be more of a successor to CS:GO rather than direct competition. I am going to compare both of these games from every point of view that matters (in my opinion) so things like aesthetics, color scheme, and weapon selection are out of the window.

1. Mechanics and physics

This will probably be the easiest out of the bunch cause you know Valorant took a lot of “inspiration” from CS:GO. Anyone who has played both games knows that Valorant’s shooting mechanics, spray patterns, no bullet drop and so on are way too similar to CS:GO, some might even call them stolen. This caused a lot of controversy during Valorant’s initial release in April, but if you ask me, this ain't such a bad thing. CS:GO has polished its mechanics over the span of eight years by listening to their community and working on the game vigorously. Now, because of this, not only does Valorant get a super refined and precise shooting system but it also makes it super easy for anyone to get into the game (which is my opinion is the biggest strength of Valorant), virtually anyone who has ever played any amount of Counter-Strike will feel just at home with Valorant. It’s no surprise then that some CS GO pros such as Scream and Stewie2k have easily migrated from CS to Valorant.

2. Gameplay

CS GO focuses on skill and less on things like perks and classes, on the other hand, Valorant embraces that fully with a plethora of playable classes with each having their own unique perks. This is one of the factors that separates CS GO and Valorant, some people prefer the use of just skill but the option of having different classes is just more modern and adds another fun element to the game, this is a place where CS:GO shows its age quite drastically.

3. Graphics and ease-of-running

Do you remember when I said “you could” run CS:GO on a potato, well that use to be the case bit with four years of update a few aesthetic overhauls, and some graphical tweaks later, that’s not the case anymore. CS:GO uses the Source Engine which is not only old (being released in June of 2004) but also not super efficient for newer titles, there have been speculations of CS:GO being ported to the far superior Source 2 but that day way too far ahead. On the contrary, Valorant uses Unreal Engine 4 (initially released in 2014), which doesn't only make its graphics better looking but also makes it way more efficient that in turn makes it more accessible. Adding to that the sizes of the games (yes, that apparently matters) where Valorant requires just a mere 3.6 GB(at the time of writing this article) CS:GO has gone from being 4 GB in 2017 to over 9 GB in 2020.

4. CS:GO perks

Counter-Strike with its years and years of success has now become a household name, it has those iconic maps, and its bundled with a whole lot of nostalgia. Other than that, CS:GO has a booming pro scene which is considered one of the biggest in the world. Throw in a ginormous skins market with its rather ludicrous economy, the new Operation released in early 2020, and Source 2 being around the corner, CS:GO is showing no signs of slowing down.

5. Valorant perks

Riot has done a phenomenal job with Valorant, from its initial release to right now. Valorant to me feels like a love child between CS:GO and Overwatch which is not particularly a bad thing. This game is like a breath of fresh air in a market where all FPS games are trying their hand at Battle Royale. I can honestly see Valorant becoming a big name game like Overwatch and it might overtake CS:GO as well, but that can only happen if riot will listen to their community.

Verdict: Both CS:GO and Valorant are amazing games in their own right but to answer the question “can Valorant kill/be CS:GO” and to that, I say no.

If you ask me CS:GO is way too big of a game to just die off, it still has a booming community and even if nothing works CS:GO still has its skin market which will make a fair few people stick to the game.

In my opinion, CS:GO and Valorant are good enough to co-exist with each other, I feel like this will be kinda the same as League Of Legends and DOTA 2, who knows? It will be fun to see how both these games progress over time.

Peace out.


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