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Dusting Off the Digital Backlog

I’m finally getting around to playing some of my backlog — here’s part one of my journey

Ergtoth Grifton
Sep 18, 2020 · 3 min read

As an avid gamer I have lot of games sitting in my backlog. In this series I’ll be covering ones that I finally get around to playing and beating, or at least feel satisfied that I have played an adequate amount.

Civilization VI

I bought this game over a year ago on the Switch eShop. I actually was super excited for it and got it the day it came out. I had Civilization Revolution back in 2008 for my Xbox 360 and had loved it, but fell off of these types of games for a while. So when I booted Civilization VI, I almost immediately overwhelmed by how involved it was and I was consistently getting my ass handed to me match after match. It seemed no matter what strategy I had it would always end in defeat. So I stopped playing, I refused to lower the difficulty and moved on, you know how gamers are. We find something new and shiny. I would pick it back up every now and then but I will say I played for about 20 hours. Didn’t immerse myself in the strategy. I needed to free up some space on my switch and it went into the archive.

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Fast forward a year or so, and I see there is an expansion for Civilization called Gathering Storm, which added weather hazards. I became intrigued decided it was now time to tackle it. I’d always thought of myself as pretty tactful guy, most of my favorite games are turn based tactical strategy games. But it becomes pretty clear how different Civilization is from your typical strategy game. So this time I prepared myself, I read everything I could, watched youtube videos, and basically just did a shit ton of research and preparation. I booted it with a randomized leader, John Curtin of Australia. I’d never played as him, but without going too deep into it, after about a week of me waging nuclear war, making peace with nations and eventually launching my Civilization into space before anyone else I came out on top. Science Victory, but hey, I’ll take what I can get it at this point. My research paid the fuck off.

I’ve been sucked back in, and now with new invigoration of actually understanding Civilization, I will now be sinking many more hours into this. This title has had it’s digital cobwebs knocked off, what’s next?


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