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Fallout 76 Has Improved But Is Still Underwhelming

Updates since launch have improved the game, but it’s not nearly enough

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Early Steps

Fallout 76 received its first major turning point update in the form of Wastelanders. Yes, believe it or not — a Fallout game launched without any proper human NPCs in its world.

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The Return of Human NPCs

Wastelanders launched on April 14, 2020, marking the first major update to release since Nuclear Winter in June of 2019. A huge gap, surely, that likely killed most of the remaining player base of the game, who would only come back to check out this update if their interest still lingered.

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Continued Updates

The Legendary Run was the next named update to come to the game, released on June 30, 2020. This update was fairly minor, introducing Public Teams, legendary perks, and seasons. Public Teams allowed those going solo to still get the benefit of being a team by joining random players in their session. Legendary perks allowed players past Level 50 to enhance their character even further with powerful perks that they could spend points on by scrapping Perk Cards.

Source: Fallout Wiki
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Fallout Worlds

The most recent update to Fallout 76 and the one that sparked inspiration in me to write about the game came in the form of Fallout Worlds, making its debut on September 8, 2021.

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The Future

Don’t get me wrong, Fallout 76 is indeed better than the state it initially launched in.



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