Ghost of Tsushima Wants You to Be a Samurai Badass

Another PS4 exclusive that looks beautiful and gripping

Among the glut of PS4 exclusives announced at E3, some have managed to fly under the radar. Sony revealed yet another exclusive during their press briefing, Ghost of Tsushima. Featuring gorgeous environments with slick and clean gameplay, it looks like a quiet achiever among the crowd. While it may not be as mainstream as Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II, it looks equally as visually impressive. The trailer revealed several combat situations, as well as some of the storyline content that is likely to feature in the game.

Developed by Sucker Punch, known for making the Infamous series, Ghost of Tsushima takes place in 1274, as the Mongol Empire invades the Japanese island of Tsushima. You play as Jin Sakai, one of the last remaining samurai warriors from a noble clan. The gameplay trailer shows off several gameplay mechanics, including third person combat, stealth and even parkour.

The trailer begins in lush open grasslands, as strong winds flow across the landscape. It’s a striking and powerful opening scene that really sets the tone. As Jin walks through the grasslands, numerous blazing fires can be seen in the distance. He calls his horse and rides into the oncoming forest, before coming to a clearing where several enemies await him.

Here, the trailer really shines. The sword combat looks like everything you could ask for playing as a samurai. Movements look crisp and swift. Jin dispatches multiple enemies in front of him. Timing and patience seem like they’re a significant part of combat. Spamming attacks appears to not be an effective way of winning a fight. There’s a kinetic energy that seems to vibrate in the swordplay.

The video then moves onto a shrine/temple where Jin and his companion sneak up onto some Mongols, who they take out with ease. Jin then parkours onto the roof of the shrine before rescuing a monk who is captured by three other Mongols. Another fight then ensues in an open field as the area around Jin starts to catch fire.

Despite the trailer only running for nine minutes, Ghost of Tsushima looks to be a deep and memorable experience. Impressive is the way Sucker Punch was able to show off the game’s different mechanics in such a short time. Combat looks to be far from the only focus of the game. Watching the trailer, you truly feel like Ghost of Tsushima beautifully captures what it would feel like to be a samurai.

Visuals aside, the game’s soundtrack is stunning. Furthermore, the game’s other sound effects, like the metallic crash of swords colliding, and the soft thump of Jin’s horse galloping across the ground truly are immersive. No release date for the game has been announced yet, so Ghost of Tsushima is probably very early in development, but the polish apparent in the gameplay trailer is very impressive.

Jin also appears to be a very intriguing and strong character. Despite there being not much dialogue in the trailer, when he spoke, there was a strong sense of wisdom in his words, as well as internal conflict. For Ghost of Tsushima to be successful it needs Jin to be a solid and dynamic protagonist, and this appears as if it’s the case from the trailer.

It may not have been one of the most anticipated announcements at E3, but Ghost of Tsushima’s mix of fast and kinetic gameplay with the lush and detailed environments means we here at Super Jump are definitely excited for it now. With a brutality evident in the trailer rivalling that of The Last of Us Part II, the game made a great impression. You won’t have to worry about being the one bringing a sword to gunfight.