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SUPERJUMP is moving — here’s why

The “why”

When I started SUPERJUMP in 2016, there were no writers — just me. I had already been working in video game media on-and-off since around 2003, but I hadn’t done any writing about games for a good few years. I needed to scratch the itch. I was determined to try something new. Would it be possible to build a gaming publication built entirely around celebration of the medium? I wanted to avoid cynical hot-takes, stoking fanboyism, capitalising on controversy, and racing to meet embargo deadlines. I was also insistent on producing content without relying on advertising. Would it be possible to build a successful publication while actively steering away from all the fundamental pillars of modern games journalism?

Medium magic

Starting a new publication can be daunting; I needed to focus on finding writers to collaborate with, start building outstanding content (with a consistent publishing schedule), and develop an audience. I decided to take a lean startup approach, which effectively means that I narrowed my focus around getting content out there as quickly as possible. Why invest months (and thousands of dollars) building a brand new web site when a) I’m the only writer and b) there’s no audience yet? My strategy was to see if this SUPERJUMP thing would work as a concept, and if I could build something self-sustaining with consistent quality, I could then invest in a longer-term approach.

Why we’re saying goodbye

But the times, they are a-changin’. SUPERJUMP is leaving Medium. There are two reasons why:

  1. We believe that Medium’s strategy is rapidly shifting away from publications. As Medium focuses on building partnerships with individual writers, it understandably cannot focus on the needs of publications. We believe publications have less options for self determination in 2022, not more.

Our future

We have been hard at work building the next-generation SUPERJUMP. Changing platforms is never easy, and we searched long and hard to find a solution that would enable us to take SUPERJUMP further than ever before. After an exhaustive search, we chose Ghost as our new home. What’s great about Ghost is that it gives our writers super elegant creation tools (that are every bit as intuitive as Medium, but with far more power), while providing an open platform on which we can build the publication of our dreams.

  • How we will transition from Medium to Ghost



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