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Here’s Why Marvel’s Madripoor Was And Is Wolverine’s Wakanda

Decoding the Tamil hints in Insomniac’s Wolverine trailer

I must have watched the Wolverine PS5 trailer a dozen times. And yet, Reddit had the keener eye. Fans spotted Tamil words in Insomniac’s tight trailer. I noticed neither “Cocktail” on the left nor “[illegible] unavailable” on the right.

This lends credence to the game being set in Madripoor.

And here’s why that’s a big deal.

Wolverine trailer Tamil Madripoor reference MCU
Logan in a bar is all-too-familiar at this point. Source: Insomniac Games.

Madripoor is a pirates’ paradise.

The fictional lawless island southwest of Singapore isn’t just a great place to set a game in. Madripoor’s two halves Hightown and Lowtown rip the curtains off social inequality and injustice. With a leaning towards Hinduism, Madripoor is a cultural cocktail certainly worth exploring.

Want to hide your ill-gotten gains? Madripoor is your place.

It might just be Marvel’s Gotham City.

Madripoor made an exotic debut this year in Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Its vicious underbelly was punctuated with comic book references. Even the just-released Shang Chi film has strong ties to Madripoor (spoilers aplenty).

The new Wolverine game could deliver an Avenger-worthy threat.

While videogames haven’t played a significant role in Marvel’s armory, Wolverine represents a confident step forward. Buoyed forward by the success of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, game studio Insomniac looks to deliver another showcase for Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Marvel’s Phase 4 for its cinematic universe just got even more interesting.

And Wolverine has quite a history with Madripoor’s rags and riches.

Wolverine trailer Tamil Madripoor reference MCU Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. Source: Fox.

Wolverine has a strong association with Madripoor.

The 1988 Wolverine comic series owes much of its setting to Madripoor. The adamantium claw-toting rogue wears an eye patch and christens himself Patch as he defends Lowtown. If there’s any place where the X-Men could enter the MCU, it’s Madripoor.

The brief appearance of Lowtown’s Princess Bar in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier builds on the growing demand for the X-Men’s MCU debut.

While Marvel will definitely use a traditional film to reintroduce its favorite mutants, there’s no telling what Insomniac could revisit with Wolverine. With a strong collection of comics for inspiration, Madripoor might just tie up plot threads in a way Marvel’s previous games never have.

Disney’s new focus on multiple avenues of entertainment gives Wolverine a real chance.

With TV shows WandaVision and Loki featuring events that ripple across the MCU, it’s about time videogames got the right to bear MCU-altering arms. Despite being someone who barely watched TV shows, I binged them all. Disney and Marvel might just make Wolverine an MCU must-play.

Catering to videogame fans will create a more immersive Madripoor.

Wolverine trailer Tamil Madripoor reference MCU neon city wallpaper
Madripoor is Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City meets Marvel. Source: Marvel.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City could have a real contender.

Madripoor’s neon-lit corridors of crime could deliver both style and substance. With CDPR’s unfinished labor of love dividing fans, Insomniac’s Wolverine has a real opportunity on its claws. I just hope they don’t pull an Avengers videogame on us again.

Square Enix’s hyped superhero hurrah nosedived. And with good reason.

Fans deserve a gritty single-player adamantium claw romp.

While lootboxes and social components make games super profitable, a multiplayer Wolverine is a gamble Marvel doesn’t need to make. A more reasonable risk is an R-rating. While Disney is notorious for taming its comic roots, game studio Insomniac needs a free pass to reach Spider-Man’s soaring heights.

I’d have laughed at the odds of Batman’s incredible Arkham games selling fewer copies than a Spider-Man title.

But Insomniac proved the world wrong and laughed all the way to the bank.

I can’t wait to see what the 10,000 developers over at Insomniac have in store for Marvel fans, both with respect to Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. Starting at a bar is a good start for any Logan game. But I’d like to see Wolverine raise the bar that Spider-Man set.

Forget Freddy Krueger.

Wolverine’s R-rated blades are back in our dreams, bub.



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