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How to Win More Games of Dead by Daylight

Here are some key strategies to give you the edge

Jordan Mendiola
Nov 21 · 5 min read

or the past two months, Dead by Daylight has captivated all of my video game-related attention. This horror game is cross-platform compatible with the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

The concept is simple: there are four survivors and one killer. The survivors' goal is to power five generators that will power two exits, thus unlocking them and allowing everyone to escape. The goal of the killer is to eliminate all four survivors and making sure nobody escapes.

With more than 100 hours of gameplay, I have created a list of valuable tips on how to win more games of Dead By Daylight as a survivor.

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Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

1. Choose cooperators who are easy to communicate with

Cross-platform compatibility has come in extra handy with Dead By Daylight. You can get friends from all types of consoles and hop into the same game together. For a group voice-chat solution, try Discord as it is free and convenient.

When you’re able to communicate with your teammates, everything flows smoothly:

  • You can decide who to work on generators with, which boosts your efficiency.
  • Your team can communicate who goes for the “saves” and unhooks survivors who get caught.
  • The entire experience is more intense and a lot more fun.
  • Quick decisions are made, and everyone’s on the same page.

If you’re more of a soloist and prefer matching up with random gamers, you’re going to leave your matchmaking up to luck. Not everyone is a team player, and you’re going to be left in the dust more than once.

You may not get healed when you need to, and people might escape while you’re still hanging on the hook. It’s better to play with friends or teammates you can communicate with.

2. Rush the generators (or “gen rush”)

It’s a great strategy to rush the generators as soon as the game starts. When you’re popping off generators at an incredibly fast rate, the killer is going to panic and go running through the entire map.

If you hear your heartbeat getting faster (in-game), it’s a good time to either run far away or sneak out 10–15 meters away in hopes that the killer doesn’t find you.

The more people you have working on a generator, the faster the process goes. Hit all your skill checks, and you’re golden. Be sure always to have killer awareness and know what your next move will be should they come for you.

3. Stay away from the 2killer shack

The killer shack is on every map, and it's arguably the worst place to get hooked because it's in the basement.

You don’t want to be the first teammate taken into the basement because many killers camp out and bait you into going down there.

Once you’re trying to save your teammates and escape the basement, it’s incredibly hard to progress on the generators. It would be in your best interest to work on generators away from the killer shack to avoid wasting time and dying.

Why killers love the killer shack:

  • A convenient place to hook survivors and easy to notice when they get unhooked.
  • Four hooks in the basement make it easier to end up trapping the entire team down there.
  • Puts pressure on the survivors to get downstairs and save teammates before they die.
  • Easy to manage and slow down the game.

You need to stay away from the killer shack at all costs, or you’re not going to be in for a fun time.

4. Use these perks

There are so many perks that you can use in Dead By Daylight, but here are some of my personal favorites that have performed extremely well for me.

  • Spinechill — Little cat symbol that illuminates if the killer looks in your direction. You can dip out and run far away if this icon is lit up before they find you.
  • Dead Hard — This perk allows you to do a quick running burst in hopes that you dodge a killer’s attack lunge at you. This can save your life and help you escape the killer.
  • Sprint Burst — This is a running perk that allows you to sprint fast every 60 seconds for about 5 seconds at a time. It’s great for evading a killer and getting your distance so you can be safe.
  • Technician — Those who want to be good “gen rushers” will want to use this perk because it quiets down the generator sound effects and doesn’t blow up if you fail a skill check. Use this to deter the killer from checking your generator.
  • Borrowed Time This perk allows you to unhook a teammate and grant them another hit by the killer within 15 seconds. It allows your teammates to get extra time to lose the killer, heal themselves, and carry on with the game.
  • A few other honorable mentions include Decisive Strike, Iron will, Kindred, Quick and Quiet, Adrenaline, Deliverance, and Urban Evasion.

5. Cleanse the totems

Totems are small shrines made out of bones and skulls. A total of 5 appear on each map.

Survivors may cleanse these totems to receive 1000 Blood points. Apart from being a way to receive Bloodpoints, they are also part of some killer perks, called Hex Perks.

To avoid having a bad time later on in the escape, be sure to cleanse the totems. You’ll be glad you did.


Dead By Daylight is an incredibly fun team game that can still be enjoyed playing solo. It’s cross-platform and is a ton of fun! If you want to win more games, remember to do the following:

  • Play with people you can talk to so that your communication is strong and can work as a team.
  • Rush the generators so that you put pressure on the killers who want to tunnel (focus) on certain players
  • Stay as far away from the killer shack as you can so that you don’t get stuck playing the basement games.
  • Use perks such as Spinechill, Borrowed Time, Technician, and Sprint Burst
  • Cleanse the totems to avoid problems with the killers

This is one of the best multiplayer games ever created, and I highly recommend that you get some friends together, grind it out, and make your way to rank 1! Good luck with your trials.


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