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How to Work With Us Post-Medium

Come on the journey with us

I recently announced our plan to leave Medium. Since publishing that story, I have been approached by multiple writers who are interested in continuing to work with us post-Medium. This story will step through exactly how you can do that. If you have any questions, please add a comment on the story (I can then add these questions back into the story at the bottom in a Q&A section).


We plan to launch our new site in early April, so just a couple of weeks away. At that stage, we will no longer accept submissions on Medium.

Working with SJP Post-Medium

Our new site will provide a super powerful (and highly intuitive) editing system to create and publish stories. Every writer gets their own page that features their work:

My author page on the new SUPERJUMP web site.

If you would like to join our team, you’ll need to fill in this form. Here’s the information you’ll need:

  • Discord ID: We have our own Discord server, and we use it for communication, collaboration, and sharing updates across the team.
  • Your Name: We’ll need your name so that we can identify you (both on our Discord server, and on our new site).
  • Your Email: This is required because it’s where you’ll receive an email invitation to create a new SUPERJUMP author account.
  • OPTIONAL Story Migration: If you’ve already published with us in the past, we’ll provide an option for you to agree to migrate your old SJP stories to the new site. Migration involves creating a copy of your old SJP story for display on the new site. Your original story remains on Medium. This is optional and not a requirement for working with us on the new site.

Note: If you’re a writer on Medium and you haven’t published a story with us before, you’re still more than welcome to work with us on our new platform!

Monetisation Post-Medium

Our leadership team is currently discussing a plan for monetisation on our new site. Details are yet to be finalised and discussed within the broader team, but I can say that our intention is to create a revenue-sharing system whereby all writers have equal access to a publication revenue pool. We do not plan to implement a Medium-style referral system; we believe that writer payments should increase as overall publication revenue grows.

In other words, a rising tide should lift all boats.

The incentive will be squarely on building a super high-quality publication that readers want to contribute to, as opposed to rewarding sheer volume of stories, racing to meet review embargoes, or lowest-common-denominator content (hollow listicles or clickbait).


If you have any questions around the above please pop them in the comments, and I’ll add them here along with answers.



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