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I Tried Ring Fit for a Week

Here’s how I’m feeling after giving this immersive exercise experience a try

I just turned 25 years old and I have never enjoyed exercise. In fact, I’d be willing to say that I hate exercising. I’ve never found anything that has stuck. There was my brief stint in kickboxing, but that was incredibly expensive and I couldn’t justify paying for it.

For my birthday this year, my wonderful husband bought us Ring Fit Adventure for our Nintendo Switch. The interactive adventure game is also a high-intensity workout. There are over a hundred levels that offer exercises like yoga, jogging, squats, and more.

There’s several different options for gaming and for working out. Truly the options seem just about endless, especially for someone like me who doesn’t work out at all. I decided to play Ring Fit every day for five days and track how I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A summary of Adventure Mode in Ring Fit from Nintendo’s website.

Day 1

I made a big mistake on day one by eating too many bowls of cereal before playing. Despite this, I had a lot of fun starting up the game.

There’s a short tutorial when you first start the game so that the player understands the controls and how the game is played. You also get to customize your character.

There’s a little movie to introduce the characters and immerse yourself into the Ring Fit world. You get to meet Ring, who will train you to defeat the evil monster, Dragaux.

Since it was day 1, I also had to choose my difficulty level. I decided to start on “moderate" since I don’t exercise regularly. There’s also an “easy" level but I want to challenge myself here.

After I finished the workout, I felt very out of breath (although that is to be expected) but I also felt accomplished. I didn’t feel the adrenaline or euphoria that many people claim can result from exercise, but I felt good about finishing.

Day 2

Today I had my first boss battle.

Since I wasn’t feeling particularly sore, I decided to increase the difficulty level a smidge, just to give myself a little more of a challenge.

Boss battle; screenshot from Nintendo’s website.

Boy oh boy was this a mistake. I was already sore so increasing the difficulty was a poor choice for my legs. The first handful of levels are very leg/butt heavy workouts; I’ve been doing a lot of jogging and sprinting in place, high knees, and squats.

The boss battle was tough. I barely made it through without having to take a breather. But I was determined to finish strong.

I was only able to do the one boss battle. I tried to start another world but I was starting to feel nauseous and called it quits. I did do the “cool down” at the end of my session, which helped with my nausea. The “cool down” is a series of stretches that aren’t too difficult (thankfully) and have certainly helped with my increasing soreness.

Source: The Verge.

Day 3

Today I decided to give some of the other features of the game a try. There are mini games as well as a quick start option. I took a look at the mini games first, but was feeling uninspired by the options so I moved on to quick start.

There were about a dozen different sets to choose from that targeted different areas. I chose “aerobics,” “posture,” and “core.” The game gives two options for each set; “casual” or “hardcore.” I did casual for each of the sets because I was still feeling sore. I did the aerobics set twice, so in total I did four of these rounds of workouts.

I really liked that there were so many options to choose from. There were arms, back, shoulders, and so many more. I’m interested in giving the arm and shoulder workouts a try next.

This was my best day yet, I would say. I genuinely had fun with the workouts and I also went longer today than I had the previous two days. I liked how personalized I could make the session; I could pick and choose what areas I wanted to focus on. I also liked that there were multiple options for each set so I could do something a little harder or keep it a little easier on any given day.

Day 4

I took a rest day between days three and four, since I was really feeling the soreness. So I picked back up again on Monday. I decided to go back to Adventure mode for another world or two.

I finished two worlds with a lot of jogging and high knees. I think so far my favorite part about Ring Fit is the “cool down” that helps you stretch and decrease your heart rate. It gives a sense of finality to the workout too.

I like that the game wants you to focus on form as well as consistency, and it also wants to make sure you don’t get hurt. I felt okay at the end of the workout today; not great but not awful either. Today was the first day that felt like a chore to exercise, but I’m glad I did it anyway.

Day 5

I decided to finally try out some of the mini-games on day 5. My personal favorite was a game called “Squattery Wheel,” where you had to squat, and push and pull the ring con to create pieces of pottery to match up with an outline. It was actually really hard but that means it’s extra effective.

Squattery Wheel game; screenshot from Nintendo’s website.

Some of the games are genuinely hard. However I liked having a little more variety in the workouts. Again, there’s so much personalization in each workout that every day is entirely different.

I also played a game called “Crate Crasher” where you have to squeeze the Ring Con to get rid of a bunch of boxes. At first, I thought it was super easy but after the full minute round, my biceps were screaming. The tension of the Ring Con doesn’t feel like much at first but after consistently pushing and pulling it gets harder and harder.

I really liked the different mini games. I wish there were even more!

Final thoughts

I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone who wants to incorporate more activity into their daily routine but hates to exercise. Ring Fit Adventure doesn’t really feel like exercise because you’re fighting monsters, collecting coins, and running through a jungle. It feels very interactive and real.

While I really like the immersive Adventure Mode, I don’t think it’s something I will do every time I play. I like the music and I like the RPG style story-telling, but I think I would get bored doing the same thing every single day. But that’s the beauty of Ring Fit Adventure; every day CAN be different.

Obviously I’m not actually running through water and jumping over tree stumps — I’m in my living room with the coffee table pushed to the side — but having something to look at and focus on while jogging in place and going through the motions really makes this fun and something I can see myself doing long term.



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