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If You’ve Never Played Video Games, Let Vampire Survivors Be Your First

This indie sensation isn’t Wordle’s NYT-mare; it doesn't have to be

In Vampire Survivors, all you have to do is move out of harm’s way. While that’s easier said than accomplished, escaping a horde by a hair’s breadth is a thrill worth seeking. Combine that with a roguelike progression system that makes you stronger with each run and you get a compelling “one more round” loop.

Best of all, the game is free to try on

Since your hero’s attacks and abilities trigger on their own, you’re only in charge of moving them around. Vampire Survivors sheds the glossy corset of its rivals and is better for it. No flashy cutscenes, no attack buttons, no AAA graphics.

But don’t let its pixel art aesthetic fool you: this game has plenty of depth.

Vampire Survivors starts with your lonesome character fending off a couple of bats. You level up and gain skills/perks as you defeat the creatures. Things go from paradise to bullet hell pretty quick, keeping you on your toes. Weaving through hordes of enemies is a challenge that changes with every run.

Vampire Survivors is an “edge of your seat” experience that cuts to the chase.

Source: Poncle.

Vampire Survivors drops baggage to make gaming accessible

Vampire Survivors distils the roguelike genre to positioning while maintaining its skill ceiling. Picking from the game’s assortment of abilities and perks adds a layer of strategy to your survival. While the first character starts off with a whip, earn enough coins and you’ll gain access to a roster that goes from holy water grenadiers to rickety skeletons.

Coins collected during runs can also be traded for permanent boosts.

This ensures that the end of a run isn’t one of despair, it’s one of possibility. Vampire Survivors becomes a game of combinations, that of pairing weapons with the right abilities and perks to survive. It doesn’t take long for hordes to encircle your screen, which means fleeing isn’t always an option.

Survive for 30 minutes and you will have successfully completed a run.

Source: ootnews.

While the game starts easy, the irresistible hunger of finding the perfect toolkit keeps you hooked. This pacing issue is alleviated to an extent by unlocking new characters but it doesn’t quite have the staying power of a story-based game or a multiplayer one. Since Vampire Survivors is still in Early Access, it still has plenty of potential to build on its solid foundation.

Vampire Survivors carves the roguelike block into a miniature sculpture.

Just like the game, I’m keeping this review crisp:

Play Vampire Survivors. Go on a run, maybe more.



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