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The Super Jump Podcast Finale

Mitchell F Wolfe
Oct 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Wyatt, James, and myself are all here for the final (forseeable!) episode of the Super Jump Podcast. Thank you for listening all this time, and even more thanks to everyone who was involved in the show since its initiation including, but not limited to: Jeff Onan, Daryl Baxter, Gavin Price, Courtney Svatek, Josh Bycer, Anthony Wise, James Manley-Buser, the Kremling Kampaigners, the Medium staff, all writers and contributes to Super Jump Magazine, and Jamatar. Also, all others I’m not specifically remembering at this moment in time.

If you only want to hear this episode without dealing with a pesky podcatcher, that can be done here:

Our theme and transition music is by Jamatar, who can be found here at his Bandcamp page.

In our time doing this show, I’ve been so extremely lucky to be able to do anything and everything I’ve wanted to do for this project. We’ve been able to interview game developers and members of the larger gaming community; we’ve covered issues both fluffy and thorny; and we’ve managed to outfit the magazine with an audio-based arm that extends the work James has done in establishing such a beautiful place for games-related discourse online.

Recently, however, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I cannot keep up the level of quality I’d like to see from the podcast at any regular upload frequency. My life simply isn’t compatible with it anymore. Rather than just let the show fizzle out into [more] obscurity, we at the magazine decided it would be best to go out on one last hurrah. It’s pretty casual and there are no heavy news topics at all, but it’s something we thought was important to do.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and I hope you enjoyed our path to get to this episode. I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t all fantastic. We had a couple duds. One time I couldn’t think of anything to upload, so I just read Sonic fan-fiction into a microphone. Always, though, episodes of this podcast were recorded and produced with the intention of giving fans of games one more avenue to listen to people talk about something we all care about.

Chris Plante of Polygon once referred to podcasts as “the friends that live in your ears” because of how close we can seem to be with the people who record their voices for us to hear. I share the sentiment. I know the personal lives of some of the podcast hosts I listen to more than the personal lives of some of my real-life friends. It would be far too bold of me to assume that this podcast reached that level for any of you listeners, but over the years, you’ve become the friends in my microphone. It means a lot. In the absence of regular episodes, make sure you keep reading the magazine, playing interesting games, and just being swell.

Thanks for listening, and please remember:

Stay Super!!

Super Jump Magazine

Celebrating video games and their creators

Mitchell F Wolfe

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Games writer, podcast producer, cognitive scientist

Super Jump Magazine

Celebrating video games and their creators

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